About SQL Compare

Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas.

SQL Compare is a tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database structures. It is used by over 150,000 database administrators, developers and testers. SQL Compare automates the process of distributing database changes made on a local database to testing, staging or live databases on remote servers.

SQL Compare compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas.

  • Automate database comparisons
  • Synchronize your databases
  • Work with SQL scripts, snapshots, backups or live databases
  • Save hours of tedious work and eliminate manual scripting errors
  • Full support for SQL Server

SQL Compare is an industry-standard tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas. It is used by over 150,000 developers, DBAs and test engineers worldwide because it is easy to use, it is fast, and it saves time. Whether you are working with live databases, database snapshots, object SQL scripts under source control or an earlier backup, SQL Compare will help you compare and synchronize database changes quickly, simply and with zero errors.

Read the whitepaper on database development in the Evals & Downloads section and discover how SQL Compare can save you time, whatever development model your team prefers to use. SQL Compare ensures accurate, fast results with maximum end-user flexibility.

Some of the procedures SQL Compare will automate for you:

  • Comparing two databases or a database with SQL scripts
  • Generating synchronization scripts
  • Taking database snapshots and comparing them – useful for audit trails
  • Comparing with a previous backup, ideal for database versioning
  • Executing "right-first-time" database synchronizations

Feature list:

  • Comparison and synchronization of SQL Server database schemas, eliminating hours of tedious, error-prone manual work.
  • Comparison andsynchronizationof live databases or snapshots
  • Work directly withSQL script files under source control (Pro edition).
  • Compare and deploy from backups, whether native SQL Server or Red Gate SQL Backup, compressed and uncompressed formats (Pro edition).
  • Deploy a live database from a set of object SQL scripts (Pro edition).
  • Integrate with your source control system with SQL Changeset (Pro edition).
  • Generate synchronization script so databases can be perfectly synchronized.
  • Support for all schema objects, including, but not limited to, tables, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, XML schema collections, and CLR Assemblies.
  • Quickly produces comparison results and synchronization scripts.
  • Dependency checking so objects are scripted in the correct order for updates. Database objects are scripted in the correct order even if SQL metadata (sysdepends) is broken.
  • Provides warnings about anything you need to be aware of prior to running a SQL synchronization script.
  • Graphical comparison of differences in Microsoft SQL Server database schemas.
  • Save scripts for use later.
  • Save schema snapshots for audit and roll-back purposes.
  • Generate reports in HTML or Excel for an audit trail of database changes.
  • Offline comparison ability so you can compare disconnected databases.

For comparing and synchronizing database contents, check out SQL Compare's companion product, SQL Data Compare.