SQL Compare Releases

Released: Jun 4, 2024

Updates in v15.3.7.25849


  • Added support for security policy schema binding.

Released: May 8, 2024

Updates in v15.3.6.25729


  • Prevented unwanted multiple space characters appearing in CREATE OR ALTER statements.

Released: Apr 9, 2024

Updates in v15.3.5.25572


  • SQL Compare no longer locks the selective_xml_index_paths catalog view during registration.

Released: Mar 26, 2024

Updates in v15.3.4.25528


  • Fixed issue when connecting to Azure SQL instance where an error occurred related to the loading of assembly Microsoft.IdentityModel.Abstractions.
  • Additional connection string properties added to the server name are now used again when comparing two SQL Source Control revisions from the SQL Compare command line.

Released: Feb 27, 2024

Updates in v15.3.3.25341


  • Fixed scripts folder parsing of "window" when not used as a keyword.

Released: Feb 15, 2024

Updates in v15.3.2.25249


  • Ensured rendering of the pre- and post-scripts in the summary view does not break the UI.

Released: Feb 6, 2024

Updates in v15.3.1.25177


  • Added support for the following TRIM function optional arguments: LEADING, TRAILING and BOTH.
  • Added support for using sp_unbindefault against a table to override the binding of a default on a column's user-defined type.


  • Fixed a crash when permissions are added to columns of a file table.
  • Fixed an issue where some temporary files were not being deleted when generating a snapshot.

Released: Jan 12, 2024

Updates in v15.3.0.25068


  • Added read-only support for Flyway projects, allowing you perform comparisons with Flyway on the left.


  • Prevent scripting 'Online = On' for indexes which are part of a UDT Table.

Released: Dec 27, 2023

Updates in v15.2.7.24880


  • Fixed a caching bug during script folder registration.

Released: Dec 12, 2023

Updates in v15.2.6.24771


  • Made changes to the UI to always open 'Save As' dialog window when saving filters.