About Sencha GRUI

High-performance, feature-rich grid for React applications.

Sencha GRUI is a modern enterprise-grade grid solution for React UI that comes with 100+ data grid features. The Ext JS grid has been rebuilt from the ground up to use modern JavaScript, and a whole new architecture that will deliver all the same features and improved performance in an easy to use React API.

Sencha GRUI Features:

  • Virtual Columns:
    • Virtualized rendering isn’t just for rows with GRUI.
    • Configure an unlimited number of columns; GRUI will only render the visible columns.
    • Massive performance increase for applications that need large numbers of columns.
  • Infinite Scrolling:
    • Using a Virtual Store to create and manage active range record.
    • The active range record will monitor the scrolling in the grid.
    • Refresh the views rows from the page cache as needed.
  • Slider Paging Toolbar:
    • The paging toolbar allows you to paginate forwards and backwards in the record sets with the slider buttons and input field.
  • Column Drag and Drop:
    • Reorder columns with drag and drop.
    • Quick re-ordering.
  • Column Editors:
    • Each column type has its own editor.
    • Just like columns you can create your own custom editors using React components.