SocketTools Library Edition Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for SocketTools Library Edition, please contact our Catalyst Development Corp. licensing specialists.

Developer License - Licensed for use by a single developer. You may install the software on both your desktop and a laptop or tablet. There are no runtime licensing fees. Developer licenses come with Standard Support which inludes unlimited email support.

1 Year Priority support offers a guaranteed, priority response to technical support issues on the same business day via email. Corrections which require a source code change and/or documentation change to resolve a problem will be made available as a hotfix at no additional charge, and whenever there is a new product update or hotfix, you will be automatically notified by e-mail.

1 Year Premium support offers telephone and e-mail support, and a guaranteed four hour response time during business hours for developers who have critical support needs. This support option also includes all of the benefits of priority support, including hotfixes, source code analysis and assistance with example code. In addition, Premium Support also includes free upgrades if a new version of the product is released while your support agreement is active, ensuring that you're always working with the latest version.

License Agreements

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May 16, 2023