Syncfusion Essential Chart for WPF

by Syncfusion

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Add business charts to your WPF applications.

Syncfusion Essential Chart for WPF is a charting component that handles business data and plots visual graphs. It includes many different chart types that help visualize data in a variety of forms. Many chart elements can be customized including chart series, legends, ticks, axis labels, and chart areas. Syncfusion Essential Chart for WPF also supports drill down which enhances the user experience. Written fully in WPF, Syncfusion Essential Chart for WPF supports initialization via eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML) or through procedural code.

Component Type
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET WPF
  • Silverlight
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Source Code

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Latest News

Syncfusion Essential Chart adds HTML 5 support
Syncfusion Essential Chart adds HTML 5 support
Version 2011 Vol 4 also adds localization support, a TimeLine control and charting for Mobile MVC.
Syncfusion Essential Chart adds drill down support
Syncfusion Essential Chart adds drill down support
Version 2011 Vol 3 also adds client-side mouse events (MouseDown, MouseUp, MouseMove, MouseClick and MouseDoubleClick).
Essential Chart adds MVC3 support
Essential Chart adds MVC3 support
Syncfusion Essential Chart 2011 Vol 1 also adds support for EPS images with transparent backgrounds.
Essential Chart improves performance
Essential Chart improves performance
Syncfusion Essential Chart 2010 Vol 4 also adds support for inverted axes.


I like it, it display in the UI quickly, the product is good, and it can synchonize the grid when you data is changed, and it very good, the important thing is the suporter's attitude is very very good, I like communicate to syncfusion too.
We've just started using Essential Chart (and a number of the other Syncfusion products), but the most outstanding comment I have to date is that technical support has been timely and effective. Sparklines and Polar Charts were just added in the last release, v9.3, so I'm still working out how to use them correctly and some of the kinks.

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