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Essential Studio for iOS includes a feature-rich and high-performance chart control with area, column, bar, line, and doughnut charts, as well as various stacking charts and advanced financial charts. The charts support numerical axes, categorical axes, and even a date-time axis to give you the flexibility to deliver exactly the kinds of charts your users need. The suite also includes linear gauge, circular gauge, digital gauge, and tree map controls to provide a variety of data visualizations for any scenario. Additional elements include RangeSlider, barcode, BusyIndicator controls. With this suite and its simple and intuitive API, you can easily display hierarchical data, qualitative information, or a range of values in your iOS apps. A license is needed for anyone who has the ability to access Syncfusion software directly or indirectly. No runtimes, royalties, or server deployment fees. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year maintenance and support subscription that includes access to unlimited technical support and access to frequent, substantive new releases (one per quarter).

Essential Studio for iOS Features

Chart - Essential Chart for iOS is a visually stunning charting component that is also easy to use. It includes all the common chart types ranging from line charts to financial charts.

  • Chart Types - 17 chart types can be plotted including Line, Fast Line, Spline, Column, Area, Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Candle, OHLC, Bubble, Stacking Column, Stacking Bar, Stacking Area, Stacking Column 100, Stacking Bar 100 and Stacking Area 100.
  • Axis - Essential Chart has several...

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Essential Studio for iOS adds Rating Control
Essential Studio for iOS adds Rating Control
Displays a group of stars for users to indicate a rating.
Syncfusion Essential Studio for iOS Released
Syncfusion Essential Studio for iOS Released
Deliver standout iOS applications with this comprehensive, enterprise-class suite of data visualization components.
Developer License: One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Note: The re-distribution of Syncfusion libraries as part your software application is run-time royalty free...

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