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With Syncfusion Essential Studio for Silverlight, you can easily create rich, compelling .NET applications. All the collection’s components have been built from scratch for the Silverlight framework and include several features and enhancements to make it easy to build applications adhering to the MVVM design pattern. The suite’s UI offerings include multiple grids, charting, diagramming, scheduling, a docking manager, menus, calendars, editors, Ribbon among numerous other data visualization, notification, and navigation elements. On the reporting side it includes components that enable your applications to read and write Microsoft Excel and Word files, create and modify PDF files, perform grouping and calculations and view reports. For business intelligence needs, OLAP grid, chart, gauge components are included, as well as a Pivot Grid. The suite ships with more than 600 samples.

Essential Studio Silverlight includes:

User Interface components – Silverlight:

  • Essential Grid - Multiple Silverlight grids ensure you can meet the specific needs of your application: The high-performance, data-bound GridData control provides a seamless editing experience, and its cell-oriented architecture provides extensive cell-level customization options. The Grid control is a very efficient display engine for tabular data with a powerful formula engine and Excel-like behaviors such as...

Latest News

Syncfusion Essential 2014 Vol 3 released
Syncfusion Essential 2014 Vol 3 released
Deploy Predictive Analytics solutions within .NET applications.
Essential Studio Silverlight improves Grid Control
Essential Studio Silverlight improves Grid Control
New version includes improvements for sorting, filtering, exporting to PDF and summary rows.
Syncfusion Silverlight adds LightSwitch controls
Syncfusion Silverlight adds LightSwitch controls
Extensions include Bullet graph, Chart, Gauges, Maps, Tree map, OLAP Client and OLAP Grid.
Essential Studio Silverlight improves Filtering
Essential Studio Silverlight improves Filtering
Users can now add and remove filters programmatically.

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