About Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Forms

Build enterprise-ready Windows Forms line-of-business applications with this suite of 110+ user interface, business intelligence and reporting controls.

With Syncfusion Essential Studio for Windows Forms you can rapidly create high-performance, user-friendly .NET applications that have a modern Windows look. The suite’s UI offerings include a powerful grouping grid, a cell-oriented grid, charting, diagramming, syntax-editing, scheduling, a docking manager, menus, calendars, editors, Ribbon and wizards, among dozens of other layout, data visualization, and navigation controls. On the reporting side it includes libraries that enable your applications to read and write Microsoft Excel and Word files and to create and view PDF files, as well as grouping and calculation engines. For business intelligence needs, the suite offers a PivotGrid and PivotChart. The suite ships with more than 600 samples.

Essential Studio Windows Forms includes:

User Interface components – Windows Forms:

  • Essential Grid - Multiple grids ensure you can meet the specific needs of your application. The GridGrouping control is a very powerful data grid with built-in support for hierarchical grouping, filtering, multicolumn sorting, summaries, and support for binding various data source types. Its unique UI and data virtualization architecture can provide instant scrolling capabilities, display millions of records, and handle real-time data updates with less CPU usage.  The cell-oriented Grid control is a very efficient display engine for tabular data that can be customized down to the cell level. It does not make any assumptions on the structure of the data. It can be used in a virtual manner where the data is provided on demand in real time, or it can be used in a manner where the Grid control maintains the data within its own internal structures. The Grid control supports frozen rows and columns; Excel-like formulas; covered cells; various cell-control types; copy and paste; both row selections and cell-range selections; hidden rows and columns; and virtually an unlimited number of rows and columns.
  • Essential Tools - A collection of dozens of useful, customizable UI controls.  Its elements include a Ribbon control, tree package, Tabbed MDI package, docking manager, menus, GroupBar, Group View, TabControlAdv control, native editors, composite controls, a spell checker, and much more.
  • Essential Chart - A high-performance charting component that is easy to use and visually stunning. It includes 35 chart types ranging from simple column charts to specialized financial charts. The charts are also highly customizable and have a powerful data model that makes data binding simple.
  • Essential Diagram - Gives you the ability to present powerful and feature-rich diagrams in Microsoft Visio-like applications. It provides an intuitive user-interaction model for creating and editing diagrams and data binding support. Its programmatic interface also places at your disposal many useful commands and methods that enable functionalities such as printing, data binding, serializing, and automatically laying out algorithms. Virtualized rendering optimizes the rendering of large diagrams. Essential Diagram is fully localizable for any culture.
  • Essential Edit - A powerful text editor control similar to the Visual Studio code editor. You can easily add advanced text editing capabilities like syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, undo–redo, copy–paste, and much more to your applications.
  • Essential HTMLUI - A control that renders Hypertext Markup Language. Its functionality is similar to a web browser used for display purposes. HTML elements displayed in the HTMLUI control are exposed as programmatic elements that support standard events. HTMLUI can be used as an HTML viewer to display HTML documents, or as an HTML-based layout engine to easily design and customize rich application interfaces.
  • Essential Schedule - This control creates calendars similar to those found in Microsoft Outlook, with day, week, work week, month, and resource views. It offers a rich, very interactive UI – users can perform operations such as creating, editing, and rescheduling appointments. Rescheduling and resizing appointments can be done through drag-and-drop operations.  Essential Schedule includes support for recurrence patterns and Outlook-style reminders and is highly customizable.

Reporting components – Windows Forms:

  • Essential XlsIO - A .NET library that can read and write Microsoft Excel files (Versions 97 to 2010). It features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries, but operates more than 100 times faster than Office Automation. The library is built for usage on servers where speed and memory usage are critical. Essential XlsIO can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Excel installed, making it an excellent report engine for tabular data.
  • Essential DocIO - A .NET library that can read, write, and modify Microsoft Word files (Versions 97 to 2010). It features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. Essential DocIO can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Word installed to create richly-formatted Word Reports.  It works more than 100 times faster than MS Word automation and consumes much less memory compared to that of MS Word.
  • Essential PDF - A .NET library that can create and modify Adobe PDF files that are standards-compliant. It does not have any external dependencies, offers the best-in-class feature set for working with Unicode and right-to-left text, and has been optimized for use on servers where speed and memory usage are critical. It can easily handle multiple requests for report generation in scenarios such as Web sites serving reports to hundreds of simultaneous users.
  • Essential Grouping - A high-performance grouping engine that can group any list of data. It is highly optimized and can handle large amounts of dynamic data. It features support for related data and filters. All aspects of the grouping engine are extensible, and users can add functionalities as needed.
  • Essential Calculate - This component allows you to add extensive calculation support to your business objects and easily set up forms that have calculation dependencies among various controls. Essential Calculate comes with a function library of more than 150 entries, and supports cross-sheet references. When used in conjunction with Essential XlsIO, you can fully load, manipulate, and compute Excel spreadsheets with no dependence on Excel.
  • Essential ProjIO - A native .NET non-UI library that enables applications to read and write Microsoft Project XML documents without relying on Microsoft Project. It does not use COM interop, and it is built from scratch in C#. Essential ProjIO can be used in any .NET environment including C# and VB.NET.
  • Essential PDF Viewer - A 100% managed .NET component that gives you the ability to view and print PDF files from your applications. This component supports exporting PDF files to various image formats such as BMP, JPEG, and PNG.

Business Intelligence components – Windows Forms:

  • Essential BI PivotGrid - A powerful pivot table implementation for visualizing relational data in a multidimensional UI. This control pivots the data to organize it in a cross-tabulated form. Our powerful in-memory pivoting engine can transform hundreds of thousands of relational table rows into comprehensible pivot information within seconds. Along with pivoting, summarizing and grouping data is also supported.

Benefits of working with Syncfusion:

  • Straightforward Licensing - Syncfusion offers simple per-user licensing, with no runtimes, royalties or server deployment fees.
  • Rich Feature Set - Syncfusion works hard to provide functionality beyond what other competing solutions offer. For example, many data grids offer support for exporting to Microsoft Excel, but in reality just export to HTML and rename the file with an .XLS extension, causing many problems for the end user, such as displaying security alerts and incorrect formatting. In comparison, the Syncfusion DataGrid control contains over 100,000 lines of code to provide accurate exporting to Excel. All components in the toolkit solve real problems; Syncfusion never include controls just to increase the total count. Every component has been built as a solution to an issue that developers face when creating enterprise applications.
  • Real-world Samples - One of the ways Syncfusion ensure that their components are enterprise-ready is by building several proof-of-concept samples for line-of-business applications, which ship with the SDK. Most of the samples push the control to its limit, so you can truly evaluate whether it meets your requirements now and in the future.
  • Support - Each Syncfusion license comes with 1 year of technical support and updates. Support is available through the sophisticated Direct-Trac support system, built from the ground up to support enterprise customers and their needs in a streamlined manner. Support incidents can be created and tracked to completion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to phone support is also included with each license’s subscription.