TeamCity On-Premises Releases

Released: May 26, 2023

Updates in 2023.05.x


Updated Sep 18, 2023


  • You can now download build log with message timestamps which contain date in addition to time.


  • Unable to view change details/diffView for a personal patch uploaded via REST API uploadDiffChanges.
  • Make SSLInvestigator use proxy settings to check custom certificates.
  • The incorrect branch is used for re-run for a build finished in a default branch if the default branch was changed.
  • Running build on agent may hang when agent's is...

Released: Oct 27, 2022

Updates in 2022.10.x


Updated Mar 21, 2023


  • Improved the log message when a port for the HTTPS connection is busy.
  • .NET custom step exiting with 1 doesn't fail the build.
  • NuGet feed cleared after upgrading from 2022.10.1 to 2022.10.2.
  • Update Git version within TeamCity Docker Images: 2.39.1 -> 2.39.2.
  • Kotlin DSL generates excessive UI Patch for 'branchFilter' VCS option parameter.
  • Build can fail with "Unable to collect changes" error if VCS generic executor pool queue is full.
  • Set focus on first...

Released: Apr 28, 2022

Updates in 2022.04.x


Updated Sep 19, 2022


  • Referencing parameters as variables is now supported for Approval rules in the Build Approval feature.


  • Non-optimal reporting of build statuses in the Commit Status Publisher feature has been fixed.


Updated Aug 10, 2022


  • Previously finished successful test batches are now reused when rerunning a build with the Parallel Tests build feature enabled.
  • Fixed the issue with Commit Status Publisher sending excessive status updates for builds...

Released: Oct 25, 2021

Updates in 2021.2.x


Updated Feb 16, 2022


  • Add compatibility with BitBucket's checks for merging pull requests.


  • Changes from unknown VCS users are not shown among avatars.
  • Insecure Tomcat connector attributes: missing secure attributes.
  • Jacoco report service message with reportDir parameter does not generate report.
  • Suite name does not appear in the tests report sometimes.
  • Build with two VCS roots fails with "Builds in default branch are disabled in build configuration" even though one VCS...

Released: May 20, 2021

Updates in 2021.1.x


Updated Oct 8, 2021


  • Added support for OpenSSH keys. You can now upload a key to TeamCity and reuse it when configuring VCS roots or running an SSH agent during a build.
  • Added the ability to run Python step on any version (AnyPython agent parameter support).


  • Fixed a recent problem with sending email notifications that was observed on some TeamCity servers.
  • Removed the obsolete Let’s Encrypt root certificate from the TeamCity Docker images. Its presence was causing problems...

Released: Nov 23, 2020

Updates in 2020.2.x


Updated Apr 15, 2021


  • Added the ability to show statuses and counters of non favorite build types and projects in sidebar.


  • "Managing Projects and Build Configurations" page is not about managing projects.
  • Create from URL fails for GitHub with Not Found (404) in case of password authentication.
  • Don't show the artifacts isolation health report if artifacts URL isn't configured.
  • Unable to re-run a build if there is no CUSTOMIZE_BUILD_REVISIONS permission for its dependency...

Released: May 18, 2020

Updates in 2020.1.x


Updated Oct 8, 2020


  • Added the ability to explicitly specify SameSite=None attribute for session cookies.


  • Corrupted custom data storage produces endless stream of warnings like "storage is corrupted and will be re-created" in the teamcity-server log.
  • TeamCity failed to terminate an AWS instance.
  • Node trigger responsibilities may get stale if node has been unexpectedly terminated.
  • [IDEA Runner] jetbrains/buildServer/agent/ideaRunner...

Released: May 8, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.4


  • Added warning when changing a trigger that triggers many builds.
  • Added links to test history on the Compare Builds page.
  • Added Docker images for Windows 1903.


  • "Unexpected error during Ajax request processing:" if ** or () was set in branch filter in schedule trigger.
  • "First failed in" shown in personal build when test actually succeeded.
  • Correct warning about triggering many builds is displayed only after saving schedule trigger (when magic wand for choosing branches was used...

Released: Apr 20, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.3


  • The main improvement of this release is the reworked .NET runner functionality. All supported .NET commands have been put together in one runner. This universal .NET runner offers the following features:
    • Support of cross-platform .NET commands and Windows-only versions of MSBuild and VSTest.
    • Support of the Visual Studio command-line interface.
    • Structured build log with highlighting directly in TeamCity, identical to the Visual Studio experience.
    • Real-time test reporting.
    • Ability to run...

Released: Feb 24, 2020

Updates in 2019.2.2


  • Added support for multiple Docker connections.
  • Added the ability to distinguish between a regular and project agent pool in "/app/rest/ui/agentPools".
  • UI is now updated when a build problem investigation has been updated.


  • Provide a compact presentation for a build configuration based on multiple templates in React based Clean-up settings page.
  • Don't shorten names if there is space on the right.
  • Information about build results is not updated automatically after finishing the build...