TeeChart Java for Android Releases

Released: Sep 12, 2019

Updates in 2019 (Build 3.2019.0912)


  • B2224 - New alignment option for vertical-axis labels.
  • B2222 - Shape Series' Shape disappears when moved out of the bounding axes.
  • B2144 - Title of vertical axis misplaced.
  • B2179 - Marks and MarksTip showing strange character when using MarksStyle.LEGEND.
  • B2141 - Transparent Legend uses wrong pen in symbols.
  • B2114 - Null points sometimes drawn in FastLine with TreatNulls=tnDontPaint.
  • B2008 - Null points sometimes drawn when FastLine series has DrawAllPoints=false.

Released: Jun 22, 2017

Updates in 2017


  • Rotated property for the Marks on a Pie.
  • Add InsideSlice, Rotated and RotateStyle properties to Pie Marks.
  • Center alignment for Pie and Donut charts improved.
  • Concentric Pies.
  • Improved central alignment for Gauges.


  • MouseWheel event isn't fired in Swing.
  • ScrollPager tool zoom only in the parent chart.
  • NullPointerException drawing an IsoSurface depending on the values.
  • ColorGrid series problems.