TeeChart Pro ActiveX Releases

Released: Feb 23, 2023

Updates in v2023 (2023.0.2.23)


  • Fix on installer. It wasn't possible to use control in VB6.

Released: Feb 4, 2023

Updates in v2023 (2023.0.2.4)


  • Fixes related to the TeeChart202364.cab generation. inf file not being correctly used for 64bits version.

Released: Jan 30, 2023

Updates in v2023 (2023.0.1.30)


  • Fixes in version Name and other minor changes.

Released: Jan 16, 2023

Updates in v2023


  • SeriesAnimation tool can now export to SVG.
  • IExport interface now includes 'CopyToClipboardJPEG' and 'CopyToClipboardPNG'.

Released: Jan 31, 2022

Updates in v2022 (2022.0.1.31)


  • Added new Polygon3DConcave canvas function.


  • Breaking change: Due to a new conflict with IMapPolygon.GetPoints method once a new Microsoft Visual Studio VC.NET project is created that uses the TeeChart ActiveX component, the IMapPolygon.GetPoints method by IMapPolygon.GetPixelPoints method has been changed.
  • Fixed tlh file problem importing ActiveX control to VSNet VC++ projects .

Released: Feb 10, 2021

Updates in v2021 (2021.0.2.10)


  • Added new Violin and HorizViolin series styles.
  • Added new BeeSwarm and HorizBeeSwarm series styles.
  • Added new KDE function.
  • Added new Lagrange function.

Released: Nov 30, 2020

Updates in v2020 (2020.0.11.30)


  • Bug 2071 - Fixed so that you can now change the size through the editor and all is working fine on ActiveX.

Released: Apr 20, 2020

Updates in v2020


  • Added new ISeries properties:
    • StartZ
    • MiddleZ
    • EndZ


  • Bug 2118 - Fixed TChart1.Series(0).asPolarGrid.Palette.UsePalette = True.
  • Bug 2180 - ILegend.NumRows and ILegend.NumCols properties have been implemented.
  • Bug 2235 - Now LightTool DrawStyle can be set via code. Property added.
  • Bug 2208 - The activity gauge series doesn't work in VB6, adding series at designtime.

Released: Jul 23, 2019

Updates in 2019 (2018.0.7.23)


  • Added new ISeriesColorPalette interface to support PolarGrids.

Released: Apr 25, 2019

Updates in 2019 (2018.0.4.25)


  • Added new IClockGaugeSeries (scClockGauge) interface, and its properties and methods.
  • IClockSeries (scClock) is deprecated.


  • Fixed - TAxisScrollBarTool messes up axis bounds.
  • Fixed - Exported data to xls doesn't open in Excel 2013.
  • Fixed - Floating point overflow when resizing a chart to the minimum in 64-bits.
  • Fixed - Null points sometimes drawn when FastLine series has DrawAllPoints=false.
  • Fixed - Add the option to clear all IDataSources in a TDBChart.
  • Fixed - SourceCode...