About TeeGrid for VCL/FMX

Lightweight and full featured, cross-platform grid / tabular control.

TeeGrid offers a very fast grid component for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi and C++, VCL and Firemonkey frameworks and Lazarus FreePascal. Fully compatible with VCL and FMX it offers you the means to take common core code for gridding on Microsoft Windows, Android and Apple iOS/OSX.

The TeeGrid for Delphi VCL & FMX offers a very fast grid component for your RAD Studio projects.

Features include:

  • Huge data - capable of handling a very big number of cells. For example 1 billion cells (1000 columns by 1 million rows).
  • Virtual data - TVirtualData or derived class to automatically create columns and provide cell values.
  • TStringGrid emulation - TeeGrid can be used like a TStringGrid with a TStringsData object.
  • Sub-columns (any column can have children columns)
  • Per-column formatting (font, back fill, stroke, text alignment)
  • Individual row heights (per-row custom height)
  • Row groups - Any row can be expanded to show its detail sub-grid rows. The grid Data class must support master-detail relationships.
  • Totals and SubTotals - Automatic summary "grid bands" can be added to a header or footer, also for "detail" subgrids.
  • Row "Sub-Bands" - Any row might display a grid band above the row. The "band" can be anything, from a simple TTitleBand to a complex group of bands or rows.
  • Custom cell rendering - Default class for cell rendering is TCellRender. Other classes can be used or created to override the default behaviour, like for example to show check-boxes in columns with boolean (True/False) values.
  • Cell text format (float, date-time formatting strings).
  • Column Visible and Expanded (for sub-columns).
  • Automatic column width (or fixed, in pixels or % percent of grid width).
  • Column mouse drag resizing.
  • Automatic scroll bars visibility - Scrollbars are automatically displayed when necessary. In Firemonkey they can be customized.
  • Column ordering - Columns and sub-columns can be re-positioned.
  • Grid Header formatting (font, back fill, stroke).
  • Grid Header mouse-hover.
  • Grid "indicator" column (left-most column with symbol for current row).
  • Row highlighting (mouse-hover and selected row formatting).
  • Multi-cell range selection (by mouse and arrow keys).
  • Copy selected cells to clipboard in CSV format, pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert key and also by code.
  • Full selected row highlight.
  • Grid and Columns ReadOnly.
  • Custom Grid editors.
  • Rows and Columns lines separators (stroke settings).
  • Cell mouse-hover (highlights cell under mouse cursor).
  • All coordinates as floats - For sub-pixel finetuning, Firemonkey only. VCL always rounds to integer pixels.
  • Alternate row background filling (back brush, stroke settings).