About TestCafe Studio

A cross-platform IDE for end-to-end web testing.

TestCafe Studio provides lightweight, fast and reliable test automation. It doesn't require WebDriver, browser plugins or other tools. Simply install it and you are ready to start testing. Tests can run across all popular browsers: desktop, mobile and cloud, with UI or headless.

TestCafe Studio Features

  • Visually Record Tests Instead of Writing Code - Create, edit and maintain end‑to‑end tests with TestCafe Studio's fully integrated Visual Test Recorder.
  • Create Stable Tests with No Manual Timeouts - TestCafe Studio's intelligent wait mechanism automatically checks whether page elements are loaded. You'll save time and generate more reliable tests since there's no need to add manual timeouts.
  • Save Time Working with Selectors - You won't need to manually choose and maintain element selectors. Instead, you click your way through the test case.
  • Improve Productivity with the Optimized IDE - TestCafe Studio was built to test web apps via a fast and lightweight user interface. It focuses on the tools you'll need to simplify test automation within your enterprise.