TestCafe Studio Releases

Released: Sep 20, 2022

Updates in 1.8.1


  • TestCafe Version Update - This release includes the latest version of the TestCafe framework - TestCafe 2.0 . The 2.0 update introduces multiple new capabilities for test script users:
    • The TypeScript 4.7 compiler replaced the TypeScript 3 compiler to mark the first breaking change since the framework’s 1.0 release.
    • You can now ignore JavaScript errors in specific tests, fixtures, or parts of tests.
    • You can now ignore JavaScript errors that occur on a specific page, yield a specific...

Released: Jun 14, 2022

Updates in 1.8.0


  • TypeScript Code Examples - All fresh installations of TestCafe Studio now include TypeScript code examples. If you didn’t install TestCafe Studio 1.8 from scratch, delete the code examples folder and restart to update the folder.
  • TestCafe Version Update - This release includes the latest version of the TestCafe Framework - TestCafe v1.19.0. Test script users can take advantage of three major new capabilities: a cookie management API, suite-wide test hooks, and global request hooks...

Released: Jan 20, 2022

Updates in 1.7.0


  • Electron Version Update - TestCafe Studio v1.7 is built with Electron 13.5.2.
  • TestCafe Browser Tools for Apple Mac Update - The TestCafe Browser Tools package is a communication layer that automates browsers on behalf of TestCafe. TestCafe Browser Tools require special privileges to automate browsers and take screenshots. Security improvements in recent versions of Apple macOS made these privileges harder to obtain. Previous versions of TestCafe Studio included their own TestCafe...

Released: Oct 6, 2021

Updates in 1.6.0


  • TestCafe Studio v1.6 includes the latest version of the TestCafe framework - 1.16.1.
  • Added new cross-platform font - The TestCafe Studio UI no longer makes use of system fonts. Instead, the application includes a copy of Inter font to ensure a more consistent appearance across platforms.
  • Added new configuration options:
    • The Timeouts section of the Run configuration dialog now includes the following timeouts:
      • ajaxRequestTimeout.
      • pageRequestTimeout.
      • browserInitTimeout.
    • The Settings...

Released: Aug 26, 2021

Updates in 1.5.1


  • Design Improvements:
    • Drop-down Menu Redesign - Drop-down menus now have a cleaner, more modern look.
    • Report View Improvements - Changed the visual appearance of the call stack. Added new formatting which makes the call stack easier to read and navigate.
  • TestCafe version update:
    • This release includes the latest version of the TestCafe framework - TestCafe v1.15.3.


  • TestCafe Studio exports all screenshots from the default screenshot folder instead of a particular selection.
  • Test...

Released: Aug 9, 2021

Updates in 1.5.0


  • Test script recorder
    • TestCafe Studio can now record test scripts - The new update makes it just as easy to record test scripts as it was to record codeless tests. That way, power users can create more tests (extend end-to-end test coverage) faster than before.
  • New license confirmation algorithm - Added a faster algorithm for license confirmation. Because of this change, you may need to re-authorize your copy of TestCafe Studio after you update to v1.5.
  • Design improvements:
    • Dark theme...

Released: Apr 26, 2021

Updates in 1.4.2


  • Updated TestCafe test runner to v1.14.0.


  • TestCafe Studio no longer fails to call the hover action over radio elements.

Released: Mar 1, 2021

Updates in 1.4.1


  • New File Menu Items - The File Menu now includes the following items:
    • New Fixture.
    • New Test Script.
    • New File.
  • TestCafe Module Version Updated - TestCafe Studio v1.4.1 incorporates the recent major update to the TestCafe test runner - v1.11.0.
  • ElectronJS Version Updated - Updated the underlying version of Electron to v10.2.0. This upgrade improves the stability and performance of TestCafe Studio.


  • Fixed a bug where no content was present on the screen during tests. TestCafe Studio...

Released: Jan 12, 2021

Updates in 1.4.0


  • Take a Screenshot of an Entire Page - TestCafe Studio's Take Screenshot action now includes a Capture Entire Page option.
  • Take a Screenshot of a Page Element - You can now capture a screenshot of an individual page element.
  • Test Shadow DOM - You can now test elements inside shadow DOM.


  • Fixed an issue that caused tests to fail with an error when multiple tests are launched from the same file.
  • Resolved an issue where the test page failed to fully load during test recording.
  • Fixed a...

Released: Oct 12, 2020

Updates in 1.3.3


  • Added limited support for multiple window testing.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented test recording and execution on certain web pages.
  • Fixed a bug where actions that used a selector stored in a variable were converted to JavaScript incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue where TestCafe Studio added http:// after you specified about:blank as the start page.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a regular expression was passed to the withText() selector method.
  • The Visual Test Recorder now...