Xceed Grid for WinForms

Xceed Grid for WinForms includes grouping, hierarchical master/detail, Windows and Office theming, fixed rows and columns, Excel export, interactive visual styles, cell UI virtualization and other performance enhancements, and much more. It also lets end-users generate, format, export (PDF, HTML, TIFF, and JPEG), and print reports from their grid-enabled apps.

Xceed Grid for WinForms Features

  • Fixed column support lets you choose columns that will remain visible while you scroll horizontally, for maximum flexibility in data visualization. Just drag columns to the left of the FixedColumnSplitter glyph, move the glyph itself, or set things up programmatically. Fixed columns are repeated on printeds page if there are too many to fit page width.
  • Summary row to display sums or the results of statistical functions in the grid. Various built-in statistical...

Latest News

Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.3
Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.3
Adds support for .NET Core 3.0 and above.
Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.2
Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.2
The grid control is now visible when dropping it onto the Visual Studio designer.
Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.1
Xceed Grid for WinForms V4.1
Adds better support for nullable data types, now also supported by stat functions.
Xceed Grid for .NET now supports VS2010
Xceed Grid for .NET now supports VS2010
Version 3.9 is built and fully compatible with .NET Framework 4 for Visual Studio 2010.

Prices from: $ 2,293.15

Standard Subscription: Includes a perpetual license for the current version as well as any new versions or updates released for 1 year, for one named member of your development or testing team. Also...

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I'm using the XCeedSoft component suite, including the grid, for nearly 2 years, and I'm highly satisfied. Especially the grid and the chart components are hard to beat. Besides this, XceeSoft is... Read more

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