Xceed Ultimate Suite Reviews

Currently evaluating Xceed Grid and so far it seems to be about the best of a bad lot. No grid I've evaluated has blown my skirt up and this one's no exception, but it is quite a bit easier to use than the competition. All grids are going to be labor intensive on the part of the developer, so ease of setup and configuration is a big plus. Adds records and updates properly. That said, this grid is a little lacking in features. Doesn't seem to support photos the way other grids do; doesn't offer a dropdown like True DBGrid; their intrinsic grid controls like combobox are a little difficult to figure out. Doesn't seem like a mature product. Doesn't seem to want you to tab between fields. For all that there's a setting to allow that behavior - it hasn't done it once yet. There may be some workarounds required to get this control to work, though not as many as True DBGrid requires. Samples are fairly decent and XCeed doesn't seem to fall as far into the trap other grids do of assuming the user already knows how to do certain things. Janus grid was the worst for leaving stuff out of the samples. Still, you'll be able to figure this one out fairly easily. You won't with some of the other grids.