AddFlow ActiveX

AddFlow is an ActiveX component that is useful each time you need to display and use relationships between objects in your application. Drawings can be made interactively or programmatically. Features include distinct shapes, styles, pictures, colors, fonts, user data, and so on for each object of the diagram, metafile support, serialization, printing, zooming, custom shapes, link autorouting, customization and more. Runtime Royalty free.

Whats New in AddFlow 5.4?

  • Custom polygonal shapes
  • Custom drawings with the OwnerDraw events
  • Gradient colors for nodes
  • Link autorouting
  • Rounded corners for polyline links
  • JumpSize and RoundCornerSize properties allowing selecting the size of the link jumps and link rounded corners
  • CanChangeOrg and CanChangeDst properties
  • UndoNode, UndoLink, RedoNode, RedoLink properties
  • BeforeChangeOrg and BeforeChangeDst events
  • XMLFlow.ocx: a ocx control to load/save diagrams in XML
  • New versions of HFlow, TFlow...

Prices from: $ 489.02

Please note that this product is no longer supported by the publisher. As a legacy product it is available for purchase but is no longer eligible for product support or maintenance. Developer License...

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  • ActiveX OCX

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alex-dIsrael5 star
The greatest diagram tool I've ever seen! A great number of possibilities, reliable, beautiful user interface and an extremely nice and convenient class interface-real pleasure for programmer. Is used... Read more

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