LayoutFlow for .NET

LayoutFlow for .NET is a collection of 5 layout components to enable you to automatically display graphs or flow charts following some aesthetic rules. Includes: HFlow (hierarchical), SFlow (symmetric), SPFlow (Series Parallel), TFlow (tree) and OFlow (orthogonal). These controls are AddFlow extensions. Each of these controls allows performing a graph layout automatically, positioning its vertices (also called nodes) and edges (also called links) on a form containing an AddFlow control.

LayoutFlow for .NET is a set of five graph layout .NET components:

  • HFlow (hierarchical layout)
  • OFlow (orthogonal layout)
  • SFlow (symmetric force directed layout)
  • TFlow (tree or radial layout)
  • SPFlow (series parallel),

A demonstration of each of these products is available in the DemoLayout sample provided with AddFlow for .NET.

HFlow, OFlow, SFlow, SPFlow and TFlow are AddFlow extensions and you cannot use them without AddFlow. Typically, you can first create your nodes and links inside AddFlow...

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