aiCharts for BlackBerry

aiCharts for BlackBerry is a developer library that provides a professional charting engine for all kinds of applications. It's designed especially for the BlackBerry OS and is optimized for battery, memory and CPU usage. aiCharts for BlackBerry has a short learning curve for developers which allows you to start using the library in minutes, instead of several hours. aiCharts for BlackBerry is written in 100% pure Java and supports the following chart types: Line, Bubble, Column, Stack Column, Stack Column 100%, Bar, Stack Bar, Range Column, Stack Area, Stack Area 100%, Area, Pie, Candlestick, HiLo, HiLo OpenClose, Funnel, Pyramid, Step Area and Step Line.

aiCharts for BlackBerry Features

  • Chart types: 20+ types
  • Custom chart types
  • Multiple series
  • Multiple areas
  • Multiple legends
  • Multiple titles
  • Legend dock
  • Legend alignment
  • Custom legend items
  • Multiple axes
  • Axis label position
  • Axis label alignment
  • Labels mode
  • Date values
  • Axis scale
  • Custom labels format
  • Range calculation
  • Zoom/Scroll APIs
  • Striplines
  • Per point style
  • Visual customization
  • Chart background
  • Axes customization
  • Axis position
  • Series customization
  • Palettes
  • Specially written for BlackBerry
  • Easy...

Latest News

aiCharts for BlackBerry launched
aiCharts for BlackBerry launched
July 21, 2011Press Release
Add charts to your BlackBerry applications.
One software license is required per developer. License permits the products to be installed on multiple PCs. Work machine, home computer, laptop - one license covers all locations. You can use the...

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