aiCharts for BlackBerry

aiCharts for BlackBerry is a developer library that provides a professional charting engine for all kinds of applications. It's designed especially for the BlackBerry OS and is optimized for battery, memory and CPU usage. aiCharts for BlackBerry has a short learning curve for developers which allows you to start using the library in minutes, instead of several hours. aiCharts for BlackBerry is written in 100% pure Java and supports the following chart types: Line, Bubble, Column, Stack Column, Stack Column 100%, Bar, Stack Bar, Range Column, Stack Area, Stack Area 100%, Area, Pie, Candlestick, HiLo, HiLo OpenClose, Funnel, Pyramid, Step Area and Step Line.

aiCharts for BlackBerry Features

  • Chart types: 20+ types
  • Custom chart types
  • Multiple series
  • Multiple areas
  • Multiple legends
  • Multiple titles
  • Legend dock
  • Legend alignment
  • Custom legend items
  • Multiple axes
  • Axis label position
  • Axis label alignment
  • Labels mode
  • Date values
  • Axis scale
  • Custom labels format
  • Range calculation
  • Zoom/Scroll APIs
  • Striplines
  • Per point style
  • Visual customization
  • Chart background
  • Axes customization
  • Axis position
  • Series customization
  • Palettes
  • Specially written for BlackBerry
  • Easy...

Latest News

aiCharts for BlackBerry launched
aiCharts for BlackBerry launched
Add charts to your BlackBerry applications.

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