About ALLText HT/Pro - OCX/VBX

Display colorful, rich text in your form's text box.

ALLText HT/Pro is a full formatted text box (rich text) that supports the display of multiple fonts, colors, paragraph formatting and even bitmap backgrounds. Add hypertext tags to any words or phrases, complete with automatic cursor changes, events on click, double-click, and mouse/cursor enter/leave. ALLText HT/Pro supports textboxes with images, merge fields, and even embedded OLE objects.

ALLText HT/Pro is our Professional level edition of the popular ALLText mixed font textbox. Designed for demanding users, ALLText HT/Pro offers all the features from our ALLText standard edition plus RTF support, Hypertext tagging, OLE Objects and Picture Support. Everything you need to make a professional HyperText or MultiMedia application.

Unique Features (included in both Standard and HT/Pro editions):

  • Display and/or editing of text in multiple simultaneous fonts and font characteristics: FontFamily, FontName, FontSize, Bold, Italic, Underline (choice of styles), StrikeThrough, Super and Sub Scripts, Font Colors, CustomShadowing
  • Paragraph formatting supporting (for each paragraph): Alignment: centered, left, right or left/right justify
  • Margins: left and right as well as hanging indents, Vertical spacing - space before, space after, and line spacing, Tab Stop size
  • Cut & Paste, including preservation of format between applications
  • Creation and use of a Font Table, facilitating the smooth and rapid changing of fonts; ie; changing to Arial Bold 25 pt, italics all in one step
  • BitMapped Background - may be moved or positioned at run-time, great for special effects or water marks
  • Several Write Protect and Screen Protect modes for presentation of text, with controlled user interaction, as well as allowing programmatic manipulation of text without refresh until ready
  • (New) Print to Printer or DC (pictureboxes, forms.. )
  • (New) Multi Level Undo Support
  • (New) Page and Line Numbers
  • (New) File Drag & Drop
  • (New) Full Search support - even an enhanced Search - Search filter includes format information
  • (New) Change State Event - Triggers for user specified events

ALLText HT/Pro Additional Features:

  • RTF I/O with full support for character and paragraph formatting for exchange of files with other stand-alone applications
  • HyperText tagging of any phrases - Automatic cursor change, Events on click, dblclick, Mouse and cursor enter/leave. Built in Find_HTag function
  • (New) BookMark Tagging - like Hotspot tags, but without change of mouse pointer, can be nested with Hypertext tags. May also be used for special merge fields.
  • (New) Embedded Images (BMP, ICO, JPG, WMF)
  • Embedded OLE Objects -great for speadsheets or graphs. A server is needed for inclusion or editing, but not for viewing
  • Paragraph Borders - Single, Double, Shaded, any side or all sides
  • Data Aware
  • Absolute Aligned Tabs - absolute positioning and alignment: left, right, centered
  • (New) Hidden Text - shsh!, we hesitate to show it here

Remember, ALLText 4.0 and ALLText HT/Pro beat the competition hands down when it comes to flexibility and power, full programmatic access to, and manipulation of, formatted text content - everything can be set by property as well as by direct manipulation of the formatted strings. Unlike the competition, with ALLText, you have control!