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AnyStock JS is a lightweight JavaScript charting library that allows you to add financial or timeline based charts into any desktop, web or mobile project. The component works with any database and runs on any platform. Pre-built technical Indicators and drawing tools let you easily analyze information and make right decisions. AnyStock JS offers extensive customization options that help you to build stock charts according to the best industry standards.

AnyStock JS Features

  • Multiple Chart Types - Area Chart, Candlestick Chart, Column Chart, Hilo Chart, Jump Line Chart, Line Chart, Dot/Marker Chart, Spline Chart, Stock(OHLC) Chart, Range Area Chart, Range Column Chart, Range Spline Area Chart, Step Line Chart and Stick Chart.
  • Big Data Charts - The JavaScript charts support rendering thousands of data points in milliseconds.
  • Technical Indicators - Need to analyze your data? The JS charts include dozens of pre-built technical indicators and you...

Latest News

AnyStock JS 8.11.1
AnyStock JS 8.11.1
May 11, 2023New Version
Adds new technical indicators including Aroon Oscillator and Weighted Moving Average (WMA).
AnyStock JS 8.11.0
AnyStock JS 8.11.0
December 8, 2021New Version
Adds the ability to use plot control functions (fullscreen/moveup/movedown) via API methods.
AnyStock 8.9.0
AnyStock 8.9.0
September 30, 2020New Version
Adds new volume-weighted technical indicator.
AnyStock 8.8.0
AnyStock 8.8.0
May 27, 2020New Version
Adds option to tune text shadows on charts.
AnyStock 8.7.1
AnyStock 8.7.1
December 23, 2019New Version
Adds the ability to disable credits over a theme.
AnyStock 8.7.0
AnyStock 8.7.0
August 12, 2019New Version
Adds infinite range annotations.

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