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AnyMap JS helps you build interactive maps and display them in any browser on any platform. AnyMap JS is useful when you need to display sales by region, election results, population density or any other information related to geographic area. The maps are compatible with other AnyChart products and can be used as part of a dashboard. AnyMap JS comes with a Maps Collection that includes 100’s of ready to use maps.

AnyMap JS Features

  • Works on all devices and browsers - AnyMap JS works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, the JavaScript maps work everywhere, including IE 6.
  • Easy to Use - Maps can be configured manually or automated using server side scripts.
  • Driven by JavaScript API - AnyMap JavaScript API offers you a variety of options, everything in AnyMap JS is customizable and can be changed.
  • Compatible with virtually all scripting languages (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc...

Latest News

AnyMap JS 8.11.1
AnyMap JS 8.11.1
May 11, 2023New Version
Improves maps for New York, Ghana and India.
AnyMap 8.9.0
AnyMap 8.9.0
September 30, 2020New Version
Adds Puerto Rico and New Zealand maps.
AnyMap 8.8.0
AnyMap 8.8.0
May 27, 2020New Version
Adds option to tune text shadows on maps.
AnyMap 8.7.1
AnyMap 8.7.1
December 23, 2019New Version
Adds the ability to disable credits over a theme.
AnyMap 8.7.0
AnyMap 8.7.0
August 12, 2019New Version
Select points on map charts by drawing a polygon.
AnyMap 8.6.0
AnyMap 8.6.0
May 15, 2019New Version
Adds Custom Messages in locales.

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