AnyChart is a lightweight and robust JavaScript charting library. It makes it easy for developers to integrate beautiful charts into any mobile, desktop or Web product. The component works with any database and runs on any platform, includes more than 60 chart types and provides features to create your own types. It's easy to adjust look and feel of your charts using themes and palettes. AnyChart includes set of pre-built sets or you can create your own scheme.

AnyChart's powerful logarithmic charting allowed us to display complex acoustical data in an easy to understand interface.

Erik Gundersen, Director Advanced Products, Rockford Corp.

AnyChart Features:

  • Exporting and Sharing - You can easily share a chart made with AnyChart JavaScript library to a social network like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also it allows you to implement custom integration with any other social network using image sharing functions. And of course, you can save a chart as an image in PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG formats or download chart data as Excel or CSV file.
  • Business Solutions and Dashboards - AnyChart provides many sample web-applications...

Latest News

AnyChart 8.5.0
AnyChart 8.5.0
New Word Tree chart to visualize and analyze a data set of words.
AnyChart 8.4.0
AnyChart 8.4.0
Adds Sankey flow diagrams that show linked nodes, the quantity of each flow being represented by its width.
AnyChart 8.3.0
AnyChart 8.3.0
Adds several new ways to customize the coloring of chart series.
AnyChart 8.2.0
AnyChart 8.2.0
JavaScript charts designed to be embedded and integrated. Latest release adds a new sunburst chart.

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