Aspose.Diagram for Java Releases

Released: Sep 19, 2019

Updates in V19.9


  • Unable to add macros after conversion.

Released: Aug 7, 2019

Updates in V19.8


  • Adds support for Java 12.


  • Can't set connector text location as formulae.

Released: Jun 13, 2019

Updates in V19.6


  • Improved shape fill color processing during VTX to HTML conversion.
  • Improved Diagram.setFontDirs method during VDX to PDF conversion.

Released: Mar 15, 2019

Updates in V19.3


  • Added support for retrieving common font directories.


  • VSD to PDF conversion - Curved lines become a straight line.
  • VTX to HTML conversion - Background picture of the whole diagram is missing.
  • VSD to PDF export - Meta type shapes turn into messy symbols.
  • The shape has rendered incorrectly while converting VSDX to PNG.
  • VISIO to PDF - Output PDF shows error in Adobe Reader.

Released: Dec 17, 2018

Updates in V18.12


  • Text content isn't centralized in the inserted block interval shape.
  • Dynamic connector not connecting exact shape.
  • VTX to HTML conversion - Double line effect on shapes text items.
  • VST to PDF export - Resultant PDF has two empty pages.
  • Corrupted file generated from GitHub example code.

Released: Aug 7, 2018

Updates in V18.8


  • Support for setting locales with the API.


  • VSDX to SVG - incorrect rendering of the arrows.
  • Location of Text on connectors is wrong in output VSDX file.
  • Unable to open output VDX file with Visio Viewer 2010 Professional.

Released: Jun 12, 2018

Updates in V18.6


  • VSD to PDF conversion - Horizontal gradient fill instead of center.
  • Output VSDX - Incorrect width and height of router shape.
  • VSD to PDF conversion - Image doesn't have internal straight line structures.
  • VSD to SVG export - Page output in SVG format is blurred.
  • VSDX export - Partial rendering of Calendar type shapes.
  • Black color lines are not visible on converting a VSD to SVG.

Released: May 17, 2018

Updates in V18.5


  • Improved the layout of connecting lines in Visio VSDX files.


  • VSD to PDF - horizontal gradient fill instead of center.
  • VSD to PDF - curved line along with incorrect alignment of text.

Released: Apr 18, 2018

Updates in V18.4


  • Added support for connecting shapes with a connection index.


  • Output VSDX - incorrect layout of connecting line.
  • Incorrect retrieval of file formats.
  • VSDX to SVG - incorrect font family.

Released: Mar 8, 2018

Updates in V18.3


  • Can't access Shape TabsCollection objects.
  • Output VSDX - A large sized shape is added.
  • VSDX to SVG - Incorrect text and background colors
  • Diagram turns to black and white when saving VSDX document.