Aspose.Diagram for .NET Releases

Released: Oct 12, 2020

Updates in V20.10


  • Converting Visio to JPG - API is taking long time for conversion.
  • Fixed Visio files with versions below 11 are not supported exception when opening VSS.
  • Exporting VSDX to PDF: problems with line width, image and dimensioning.
  • Converting VSD to SVG: Matrix transformations in the output SVG file.
  • Converting Visio to PDF - API is consuming large amount of memory and taking long time.
  • Position of  two labels are not correct.
  • Fixed a generic error occurred in GDI+ exception which occurs when...

Released: Sep 9, 2020

Updates in V20.9


  • Fixed an issue with replacing Excel objects with images - Some images are appearing in the background.
  • Fixed an issue where PPS and PPT files are not inserted into shape via OLE.
  • Fixed an issue where VDW, VSS, VST rendering to IMAGE/HTML works incorrectly in Linux .NET Core.
  • Fixed an issue with converting Visio to PDF - Some shapes (user icons) are not rendered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of Shapes are different between v.18.3.0 and v.20.7.0.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect...

Released: Aug 11, 2020

Updates in V20.8


  • Added new Method AddShape in Page - allows you to insert OLE objects into Diagram shapes.


  • Visio to PDF - API is taking a long time to convert.
  • Saving to PDF looping takes more than 20 minutes.
  • Missing viewBox attribute after VSDX to SVG conversion.
  • VSDX to PDF - some icons are missing and some are not rendered correctly.
  • VSDX to PDF - content is out on the left in the output PDF.
  • VSDX to PDF - content and lines are missing in the output.
  • VSDX to PNG - some shapes are incorrect in...

Released: Jul 15, 2020

Updates in V20.7


  • Fill color of the shapes changed on converting a VSDX to PDF.
  • The gradient color of shape is not preserved when saving in EMF.
  • The wrong gradient of circle shape when saving in EMF.
  • The gradient color of circle shape is not shown when saving in EMF.
  • VSD to VSDX - Unable to add basic shapes in Microsoft Visio.
  • Microsoft Visio to PDF - Diagram properties are not reflected in output PDF.
  • Index was out of range exception when converting VSDX.
  • Microsoft Word document object corrupted.
  • Microsoft...

Released: Jun 11, 2020

Updates in V20.6


  • Added support for .NET Framework 5.0.

Released: May 12, 2020

Updates in V20.5


  • Improved page count in VSD files.
  • Added the ability to determine if one shape intersects with another in a diagram.
  • Added support for Microsoft Visio document versions.

Released: Apr 9, 2020

Updates in V20.4


  • VSD to JPG, VSD to TIFF and VSD to PDF - incorrect rendering of the vertical text,
  • Wrong layout after Visio VSD to VSDX conversion.
  • VSD to HTML and VSD to PDF - word wrap is not working in the column.
  • VSDX to PDF and VSDX to HTML - problem with text alignments.
  • Text numbers displaced converting VSD to PDF and VSD to HTML.
  • Rotated text characters when converting VSD to PDF.
  • VSD to SVG - part of VSD file is wrongly converted.
  • Visio to HTML - when shapes have paragraph options, HTML is...

Released: Mar 12, 2020

Updates in V20.3


  • Visio to HTML - Image size Issue.
  • Unable to recalculate shape size, collection is not being updated.
  • Unable to combine Diagram files, resultant diagram does not have all pages.
  • Hyperlinks on shapes are not rendered in HTML when the shape is in a group.
  • Extra line in output HTML.
  • Strikethrough property for the Function text in the vertical swimlane.
  • Lost information when saving a VSDM file as VSDM.
  • VSDX to PNG - Icon position changes.
  • VSDX to PNG - Question mark icon position changes...

Released: Feb 13, 2020

Updates in V20.2


  • Added EnlargePage in ImageSaveOptions - Specifies whether to enlarge page.
  • Added HasHiddenInfo in Diagram - Indicates whether a diagram contains hidden information.

Released: Jan 10, 2020

Updates in V20.1


  • Added Pages to LoadOptions - Specifies the index of the pages to be loaded.