Codejock Report Control ActiveX Releases

November 20, 2017

Updates in v18.2.0


  • DPI support added.


  • Misleading signature of CXTPReportControl::GetElementRect fixed, annotation improved.
July 31, 2017

Updates in v18.0.1


  • Visual Studio 2017 support added.
  • Office 2016 theme added for both Report and Track controls.
  • Support for expand/contract glyph colors added to Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2015 themes.


  • Column indent drawing fixed when default grid is drawn with frozen columns.
  • Spin button behavior on long holding fixed.
  • Color of frozen rows divider in footer section on printing fixed.
  • Updating scrollbars of ReportControl in dialog fixed.
  • Crash in ReportControl on fast Drag & Drop fixed...
October 24, 2016

Updates in v17.3


  • Improved performance of merged cells.
  • Using merged cells in virtual mode improved.


  • CXTPReportSelectedRows::Clear(FALSE) having no effect fixed.
  • Broken removal of selected rows and records and incorrect index updates in some scenarios fixed.
  • Potential bug of using pre-calculated height of merge cells when they are disabled fixed.
  • Event XTP_NM_REPORT_CONSTRAINT_SELECTING is not raised when constraints are selected with mouse is fixed.
February 19, 2016

Updates in v17.1

  • Fixed setting default colors for the report theme "Resource"
  • Fixed drawing in Icon View mode if report control when caption was set as a markup text.
January 07, 2016

Updates in v17

  • Added CXTPReportPaintManager::m_bAllowMergeCells which can be enabled/disabled dynamically during runtime
  • Added CXTPReportSelectedRows::DeselectBlock method to provide right deselection
  • Optimized ReportControl merged cell performance
  • Added new Visual Studio 2015 Track Control theme, added new Office 2014 themes, updated Track Control sample to allow theme switching
  • Horizontal scrolling has been optimized
  • Adding support for deleting and adding records in CRstEvent class...
March 13, 2014

Updates in 2014 V16.3?

  • This is a maintenance and support release that addresses reported issues and provides additional compatibility for Visual Studio 2013.
February 16, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 1 (V15.0.1)

  • Enhanced Alignment for IconView.
  • DrawShellIcon didn't DestroyIcon, leading to memory leak.
  • Hardcoded Increasing\Decreasing strings moved to resources
  • Minor change to allow call Records::RemoveAt for Array mode
  • Fixed crash when ExpandAll is called for empty report
  • Fix for case when ReportControl.AutoColumnSizing = true and when columns don't fit to client area
  • TrackBlock::HeightFixed property added
  • Track Control - Custom Step for TimeMode and CustomFormatLabel...
September 28, 2010

Updates in V13.4.1

  • Fixed - strNoItems text now can have markup tags
  • New feature - Markup support added for TrackControl blocks
  • Fixed - Minor fix for m_oleValue.vt == VT_NULL case
  • Fixed - Fixed indent problem while editing an item with 2 or more levels of grouping
  • Fixed - COleDataSource now created dynamically to prevent crash with Visual Studio 2010
June 08, 2010

Updates in 2009 Vol 4

  • Fixed case where group rows would process [ and ] that are used for group formulas even when GetFormula was empty. This causes a group caption with [] to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed sort arrow offset problems
  • Set column maximum width constraint now works correctly independent of column autosize option
  • Fixed cases where multi-line tooltips would not be displayed on multiple lines
  • XTPMarkupSetDefaultFont wasn't called for m_bFixedRowHeight and first measure
  • When .IconView...
March 01, 2010

Updates in 2009 Vol 3 V13.3

  • New Track Control
    The all new Track Control can be used for tasks such as editing video clips or music. The track has movable blocks and keys, time position indicator, scrolling and zooming features.
  • ActiveX x64 Support
    All ActiveX products now come with a 64-bit compatible OCX. With 64-bit support, projects can now be built using x64 configurations.
  • Report Control Merged Cell Support
    Cells can now be combined vertically or horizontally.
  • Many x64 and Windows...