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Codejock Software’s Report Control provides a sophisticated Outlook style Report Grid. Windows developers can easily create group and sort data in a flat or hierarchical format. All colors in the reports can be customized to match any existing application. You can display a hierarchical list of editable items such as email in your inbox. Intelligent grouping groups related data in an easy to read and logical layout. The group box allows column data to be displayed in any desired arrangement with a simple drag and drop. The report also supports Excel style features such as frozen columns, header rows and footers rows.


ReportControl supports many standard features you would expect from an enterprise class grid component.

  • Integrated Field Chooser
  • Virtual Mode
  • Integrated Preview Mode
  • Integrated Group Box
  • Reusable Layouts
  • Multiple Selection
  • Integrated Filter Mode
  • Tree View Mode
  • Report Borders
  • Mouse Wheel Scrolling

Report Column Features - The columns in ReportControl support features such as drag and drop ordering and data sorting.

  • Resize, Remove, and Reorder Columns
  • Sort Data Across Multiple...

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Latest News

Codejock Products updated
Codejock Products updated
Codejock patches Xtreme Report Control
Codejock patches Xtreme Report Control
Codejock patches Xtreme Report Control
Codejock patches Xtreme Report Control
Codejock Xtreme Report Control patched
Codejock Xtreme Report Control patched
Codejock updates to V13.3
Codejock updates to V13.3
Provides stability and usability enhancements for all components for Windows 7 and x64 platforms plus new track control.
Xtreme Report Control updated
Xtreme Report Control updated
New version includes multi-line cell support in Virtual Mode, new PrintWatermark feature and more.

Prices from: $ 143.04

Developer License: One software license is required per developer and includes 30 days maintenance and support. Run-time royalty free. Site Wide License: Allows Unlimited Developers at a single...

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