About ComponentOne Barcode for WinForms

Dynamically create barcodes as image objects and display them in your .NET applications.

ComponentOne BarCode for WinForms is useful for adding barcode images to grid cells, Web pages, or to regular .NET PrintDocument objects.

ComponentOne Barcode for WinForms is sold as part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms.

BarCode for WinForms creates barcode representations of alphanumeric values. Unlike some commercial controls that create barcodes, ComponentOne BarCode for WinForms does not use barcode fonts.
ComponentOne BarCode for .NET makes adding barcode images to your applications easier than ever before.


  • BarCode for .NET will automatically add any necessary control symbols and check sums to the value being encoded, depending on the encoding being used
  • BarCode for .NET is a royalty-free .dll and can be deployed with your application like any other assembly. Bar code fonts, on the other hand, must be installed into the client’s Font directory (and you have to check that the bar code fonts you are using are royalty-free)