About ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch

Instant Scheduling in LightSwitch.

ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch is a ready-to-use LightSwitch screen that gives you a complete Outlook-style scheduling application. To use, simply add the Scheduler screen to your project and choose a data source. This extension comes complete with five built-in views, recurring appointments, reminders, labels, data binding, grouping, import/export capabilities, and much more.

Scheduler for LightSwitch Features:

Complete Outlook-style Scheduling
Schedule one-time, all day, or recurring appointments with reminders, labels, and availability status just as in Microsoft Outlook. Stay organized with categories, resources, and contacts linked to each appointment.

Pre-built Ribbon Toolbars
Add button groups to your application; choose from Data (Print, Import, Export), View (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Time Line), and Group. They are already built and wired to the calendar. To implement, simply select a check box in Visual Studio.

Use Multiple Data Sources
In addition to selecting a primary data source for the screen (appointment information), Scheduler for LightSwitch provides placeholders to connect to secondary data sources for categories, contacts, and resources. These tables don’t need to be related; Scheduler for LightSwitch handles associations for you.

Import and Export Data
Save or load data in supported formats: XML or iCalendar.

Five Built-in Default Views
The Scheduler extension includes five built-in default views: day, week, work week, month, or time line. You can also create your own custom views.

Scheduler can display reminder dialogs at specified times before an appointment occurs. Users have the option to dismiss one or more appointments, open the appointment, or reset the reminder to appear again later (snooze).

Resource Grouping
Scheduler for LightSwitch lets you group appointments by contacts, resources, or categories, to create a multi-column layout where each column corresponds to a different item. Navigate through any number of grouped items with ease. Simply drag an appointment to reassign it to a different resource, category, or contact. Grouping is supported in all scheduler views.

Time Line View
Give your users a Time Line view for displaying appointments in a horizontal layout. This view is useful when trying to see multiple groups at once to schedule a meeting. In this view the time is displayed horizontally and groups are arranged vertically, much like the ‘Schedule’ view in Microsoft Outlook 2010.