About SizerOne

Add resizing, tabbing, and parsing to your applications with this component collection.

SizerOne is the newest version of VS-OCX that includes two resizing components to handle both simple and complex sizing, a tabbing component to create notebook-style and Outlook-style tabs, and a parsing component to automatically parse strings. Other features let you design grids and forms faster, add frames to child controls, scale pictures, and more.

SizerOne is sold as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX

SizerOne includes four components

  • ElasticOne
  • ElasticLight
  • TabOne
  • AwkOne

ElasticOne (formerly vsElastic)

Automatically labels and resizes controls on your forms, no matter how complex. Also provides splitter bars! New features include several enhancements that are internal to the control, so you dont have to learn or use any new properties and methods (for example, repainting is faster and smoother than before, and tab labels are positioned more accurately).

Other features let you:

  • Design grids and forms faster
  • Add frames to child controls
  • Customize the appearance of the component when used as a progress indicator
  • Scale pictures so they fill the component (while preserving the pictures aspect ratio)
  • Control the alignment of individual tag labels
  • Have new events fire when the user moves the splitter bars, allowing you to customize resizing behavior further than was possible before


Makes existing forms proportionately sizeable and resolution-independent. Lightweight-only 40K! Note that we kept this component unchanged in order to retain its lightweight size.

TabOne (formerly vsIndexTab)

Presents several screens worth of data in the space of one. Resize the form and watch the contents of each tab automatically resize! This TabOne component is even easier to work with at design time. It now has a main property page that groups properties by usage type, as well as a tab editor page that allows you to add and remove tabs, and change their captions, pictures, and associated data. In addition, new properties allow you to customize virtually every aspect of the tabs appearance, creating components that look like traditional tabs, toolbars, and even Outlook-style slider bars.

AwkOne (formerly vsAwk)

Quickly scans and parses text files. It is perfect for performing simple data manipulation (such as changing formats, checking string validity, retrieving items, and generating reports) without having to write a lot of code. The biggest news with AwkOne is the way weve split the component into a separate OCX so you dont have to distribute it when youre not using it. You can also now evaluate mathematical expressions using a more concise and intuitive syntax; choose whether the built-in expression evaluator should interpret angle values as radians or degrees; and use the asin and acos trigonometric functions when evaluating mathematical expressions.