About ComponentOne Studio UWP

Suite of UWP controls for all Windows 10 devices.

With ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition you can elevate your applications to new heights with stunning data visualization, powerful reports, and complete schedulers available on any Windows 10 device. Desktop, tablet, phone, and wearables become one, and you only have to code once. ComponentOne Studio UWP includes UWP controls for grids & data management, data visualization, reporting & documents, scheduling, input & editing, navigation & layout, and utilities. It is also available as part of ComponentOne Studio and ComponentOne Ultimate.

Manage Reports and Schedules with Ease

  • Generate reports with FlexReport, and embed them in your application with FlexViewer.
  • View an exported PDF report, or any PDF document, in the PdfViewer control.
  • For scheduling and calendars on the go, build a complete, custom app with the Scheduler control.

Stunning and Superior Data Visualization

  • Bring your dashboards to life with UWP's flexible data visualization controls.
  • The lighweight Sparkline control gives data context within an application.
  • Enhance your data with interactive gauges.

Develop Once and Build Universal Apps
Universal apps save your development time. Develop once for all Windows 10 devices using one set of controls, leveraging your XAML and C#/VB knowledge to build modern Windows apps.

Optimize Your Visual Studio Experience
ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition Visual Studio integration is seamless, starting with installation. ComponentOne Studio controls automatically appear in your Toolbox, and their support for IntelliSense and the latest Microsoft frameworks will increase your productivity.