About Excel Import App for SharePoint Online

Easily import data or records from Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint Online lists.

Excel Import App for SharePoint Online enables you to import data from an Excel spreadsheet (in .xlsx, .xls or .csv format) into an existing SharePoint Online list. If you have a large Excel file with many worksheets, you can also import specific sheets into the SharePoint Online list, one at a time. Excel Import App allows users to import data to most built-in SharePoint column types.

Excel Import App for SharePoint Online Features

  • Import data or records from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, .xls or .csv format) to Microsoft SharePoint Online lists.
  • Support for importing a specified range of rows.
  • Map Excel columns to SharePoint Online list columns.
  • Skip header rows while importing.
  • Check and skip/update if item already exists.
  • Support for importing data or records into list folders.
  • Supports most SharePoint Online built-in column types including: Single line of text, Multiple lines of text, Choice, Number, Date and Time, Currency, People or Group, Lookup, Yes/No and Hyperlink or Pictures.
  • Provide detailed messages when records fail to import.
  • Import all records from Excel into a SharePoint Online list, or only import specific rows using the filter function.