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Button Objx

Create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers.

Published by GrapeCity
Distributed by ComponentSource since 1996


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Button Objx

Button Objx is an ActiveX component designed to replace the Windows button component to create visually enhanced buttons. It allows you to dynamically change pictures and shapes, add multiple hotspots within a custom-shaped region, and more. Features include: IE or Netscape-style buttons, make buttons or individual cells transparent, 3D text characteristics, and much more.

New Features in Button Objx 2.0 include:

  • Create an Internet- or Netscape-style button
  • Create a toolbar easily
  • Use a picture to define the shape of the button or an individual cell
  • Load a button template in a cell
  • Set segment-related properties for individual cells
  • Make the button or individual cells transparent
  • Apply three-dimensional text characteristics to text in individual cells
  • Display a drop shadow for the button
  • Display a different picture when the mouse pointer is over the button or an...
Developer License(s) One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX
  • DLL
  • VBX

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