FinalBuilder Specification

FinalBuilder Standard Professional
Easy to use and powerful GUI
Hierarchical logging to database
Debugging (Watches, Breakpoints, etc)
Integrated ActiveScript
Run the build in IDE or on command line
SCC Integration in IDE  
Run multiple actions in parallel  
Create run-only password protected projects  
Action Studio Features
Develop actions in .NET, PowerShell, VBScript, JScript, IronPython and COM
Property Page designer
Script editor
Integrated help
Import and Export encrypted action packages  
Variables Actions
Set Variable
If Variable Defined
Reset Variable to Default
Define Variable
Save Variables to INI file
Load Variables from INI file
Append to Variable
Log Variable Values
Replace Variables
PropertySet Actions
PropertySet Define
PropertySet load from INI file
PropertySet load from Registry
PropertySet load from FBD
PropertySet save to INI file
PropertySet save to Registry
PropertySet save to FBD
PropertySet increment value
PropertySet log current values
PropertySet assign properties
PropertySet to Variable
Interactive Actions
Ask Question
Prompt for Variables
Multi Question
Prompt for File or Directory
Prompt for Variables (Enhanced)
Prompt for Password
Registry and INI Actions
Read INI file
Write INI file
Save Variables to INI File
Load Variables from INI File
PropertySet load from INI File
PropertySet save to INI file
INI file iterator
Wait for INI File
Read Registry Value
Set Registry Value
Delete Registry Value
PropertySet load from Registry
PropertySet save to Registry
Wait for Registry
Export Registry Key
Archiver Actions
Create Zip File
Extract Zip File
Pack files with WinRAR [WinRAR]
Create Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar)
Test Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar)
Extract Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar, RAR, RPM, CAB, CPIO, DEB, Split)
Update Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar)
List Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar, RAR, RPM, CAB, CPIO, DEB, Split)
Delete from Archive (7z, Zip, Gzip, BZip2, Tar)
Build Tool Options
Ant Project [Apache ANT]
MSBuild Project
NAnt Project [NAnt]
Internet Actions
Send Email (SMTP)
Telnet Client
HTTP Get File
WGet (Multiple HTTP Get)
Send ICQ Message
Send MSN Message
NNTP News Post
Web Service  
Web Service Iterator  
Amazon EC2  
.Net Tools Actions
GAC Install
GAC Uninstall
GAC Download Cache
Generate Key Pair
Verify Strong Name
Install Key in Container
Extract Public Key
Re-sign Assembly
Register assembly in COM
Type Library Import
Type Library Export
Resource Compiler (ResGen)
FxCop [FxCop]
Fix TlbImp Project Reference
Precompile ASP.NET 2.0 Application
NGen 2.0 Install Native Image
NGen 2.0 Uninstall Native Image
NGen 2.0 Update Native Image
MSIL Assembler (ILASM)
Serviced Components Registration Tool (REGSVCS)
Manifest Generation and Editing Tool [Mage]
ILMerge [ILMerge Research Page]
.Net Obfuscation Tools Actions
Dotfuscator [PreEmptive Solutions]
Demeanor [Wise Owl]
XenoCode [XenoCode]
.NET Reactor [Eziriz]
{smartassembly} [{smartassembly}]
Virtualisation Actions (VMWare Workstation)
VMWare Start Virtual Machine
VMWare Stop Virtual Machine
VMWare Suspend Virtual Machine
VMWare Reset Virtual Machine
VMWare Check Virtual Machine Status
VMWare Create Snapshot
VMWare Revert to Snapshot
Virtualisation Actions (VMWare Server)
VMWare Server List VMs
VMWare Server Start VM
VMWare Server Stop VM
VMWare Server Reset VM
VMWare Server Suspend VM
VMWare Server Check Virtual Machine Status
VMWare List Virtual Machines
VMWare Change Virtual Machine State
VMWare Snapshot
VMWare Execute Guest Command
Virtualisation Actions (Microsoft Virtual Server)
Virtual Server List VMs
Virtual Server Start VM
Virtual Server Save VM State
Virtual Server Turn Off VM
Virtual Server Reset VM
Virtual Server Pause VM
Virtual Server Check VM Status
Testing Tool Actions
NUnit [NUnit]
MbUnit [MbUnit]
TestComplete 2 - 5
Run QA Wizard [Seapine website]
Typemock [Typemock]
Compiler Actions
VS.Net Solution [Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Center]
MS C# Compiler [Microsoft Visual C# Developer Center]
MS C# Project Compiler
MS VB.Net Compiler [Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Center]
MS VB.Net Project Compiler
MS J# Compiler [Microsoft Visual J# Developer Center]
MS J# Project Compiler
Delphi .Net Project (D8, D2005, D2006, D2007) [Embarcadero Delphi]
C++ Builder Project [Borland C++ Builder]
Delphi Win32/Win64 (D3 - 10.3) [Embarcadero Delphi]
Borland Resource Script
Borland C# Compiler [Borland Delphi]
Java Compiler
MadExcept [madshi]
AssemblyInfo Updater
Visual Basic Project [Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Center]
VC6 Project [Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Center]
Compiler Actions (IncrediBuild)
IncrediBuild Build
Enable Agent
Disable Agent
Stop current compile
Reset Swapfile
Source Code Tool Actions
Pascal Analyzer [Peganza]
CodeHealer [SOCK Software]
Localisation Tool Actions
Sisulizer [Sisulizer Website]
Licensing Actions
ASProtect [ASPack]
Executable Packer Actions
UPX Compress Executable
ASPack Compress Executable
Help Complier Actions
Doc-O-Matic Project [Doc-O-Matic]
WinHelp Compiler
HTML Help Compiler
Help & Manual 3 and 4
NDoc [NDoc]
Sandcastle MRefBuilder [Sandcastle]
Sandcastle XslTransform [Sandcastle]
Sandcastle Build Assembler [Sandcastle]
Version Control Systems
AccuRev [Accurev]
Borland StarTeam [StarTeam]
CVS [Concurrent Version System Website]
Git [Git SCM]
IBM/Rational ClearCase [ClearCase]
JediVCS [Jedi]
Mercurial [Mercurial]
Microsoft Team Foundation Source Control [Visual Studio Team System]
MKS Source Integrity [MKS]
Plastic SCM [Plastic SCM]
PureCM [PureCM]
Perforce [Perforce]
QSC Team Coherence [QSC]
SubVersion [Tigris]
Surround [Seapine]
Sourcegear Vault (includes Sourcegear Fortress version control) [SourceGear]
Serena PVCS [Serena]
Visual SourceSafe (VSS 6 and VSS 2005) [SourceSafe]
XML Actions
Transform XML
Merge XML
Extract XML Fragment
Edit XML File
Validate XML
Delete XML Nodes
Read XML Value to Variable
XML Node Iterator
Create XML Node
XML Delete Element/Attribute
Altova DiffDog [Altova]
Flow Control and Error Handling Actions
ASync Action Group  
If .. Then
If Prev Action Failed
While Loop
For Loop
Stop Build
Run Action List
Exit Action List
Include FinalBuilderProject
Raise Exception
Wait for File
Wait for Script Result
Wait for Process
Wait for Variable  
Wait for Remote Computer
Wait Until (specific time/day)
Wait for INI File
Wait for Registry
Wait for Command
Wait for File on FTP Site
Miscellaneous Actions
Encrypt ActionPackage  
Spell Checking  
Action Group
Export Log File
Save FinalBuilder Project
Run Script
Get Date/Time
Text Find
Mutex/lock file
Simple Maths
Publish CityDesk Site FogCreek Software
Set Estimated Build Progress
Set Build Status Message
String Trimming
String Casing
String Encryption
String Quoting
String Padding
String Concatenation
String Reverse
String SubString
String Replace
String Add Breaks
Path Manipulation
Stack/Queue Define  
Stack/Queue Log Items  
Stack/Queue Push Items  
Stack/Queue Pop  
Stack/Queue Peek  
Stack/Queue get Count  
Stack/Queue Insert Item  
Stack/Queue is Empty  
Stack/Queue Clear  
Stack/Queue Iterator  
PDF Merge Files  
Convert file to PDF  
PDF Insert Text  
Convert PDF (to html, excel, bitmap, jpeg, rtf, etc)  
Manipulate Image (resize, flip, rotate, etc)  
JPEG Lossless Transform  
Windows OS Actions
Execute Program
Run DOS Command
Windows Exists
Register DLL/OCX
Subst Drive
Send Net Message
Get Disk Free Space
Close Process
If COM Class Registered
Map Network Drive
Unmap Network Drive
Rasdial VPN / Remote Network Connection
Create Shortcut
Generate new GUID
Control NT Service  
Schedule Add
Schedule Delete
Schedule List
WMI Run Process  
WMI Kill Process  
WMI Process Info  
WMI Process Iterator  
Remote Reboot (WMI)
Remote Shutdown (WMI)
COM+ Register
COM+ Delete
COM+ Shutdown Application
COM+ Start Application
COM+ Edit Application
PsLogList (List event logs)
PsInfo (View System Information)
PsSuspend (Suspend/Resume Process)
PsGetSID (Sercurity ID Info)
PsFile (List/Close Remote Open Files)
PsKill (Kill Process)
PsList (List Processes)
PsLoggedOn (Logged on users)
PsShutdown (Shutdown computer)
PsService (Service Manager)
IIS Actions
Start Website (IIS 5-7)
Stop Website (IIS 5-7)
Restart Website (IIS 7)
Create Website (IIS 5-7)
Delete Website (IIS 5-7)
Start / Stop / Recycle Application Pool (IIS 7)
Create Application Pool (IIS 6-7)
Delete Application Pool (IIS 6-7)
Create Virtual Directory (IIS 5-7)
Delete Virtual Directory (IIS 5-7)
Create Application (IIS 7)
Delete Application (IIS 7)
Backup IIS Metabase (IIS 5-6)
Restore IIS Metabase (IIS 5-6)
Start WWW Service (IIS 5-6)
Stop WWW Service (IIS 5-6)
Restart WWW Service (IIS 5-6)
Pause Website (IIS 5-6)
Unload IIS Application (IIS 5-6)
Create Application Pool (IIS 6)
Delete Application Pool (IIS 6)
Start FTP Service (IIS 6)  
Stop FTP Service (IIS 6)  
Restart FTP Service (IIS 6)  
Start FTP Site (IIS 6)  
Stop FTP Site (IIS 6)  
Pause FTP Site (IIS 6)  
Create FTP Directory (IIS 6)  
Delete FTP Directory (IIS 6)  
Create FTP Site (IIS 6)  
Delete FTP Site (IIS 6)  
Iterator Actions
CSV Field Iterator
File Contents Iterator
File Iterator
Folder Iterator
List Iterator
Ini File Iterator
XML Node Iterator
WMI Process Iterator  
File and Directory Actions
File Dependency  
Check if File Exists
Create Directory
Delete Directory
Move Directory
Copy Files
Delete Files
Move Files
Set File Attributes
Touch Files
Concatenate Files
Rename File or Directory
Read Text File
Create Text File
Write to Text File
Text Replace
XCopy [MSDN]
Authenticode File
Extract Version Info
Robocopy [Robust File Copy Utility]
Run Robocopy Job
Robocopy Move
Robocopy Mirror
Copy/Move File List
Calculate File CRC32
Calculate File MD5
Beyond Compare [Scooter Software]
Beyond Compare Script [Scooter Software]
Araxis Compare Files [Araxis]
Araxis Compare Folders [Araxis]
Get File Date
Installer Actions
InnoSetup [JR Software]
InstallAware [MimarSinan]
Wise Windows Installer
Wise Install Project
InstallAnywhere Ent
InstallAnywhere .Net
GP Install [QSC]
Nullsoft NSIS [NullSoft]
InstallShield Developer [InstallShield]
InstallShield Pro [InstallShield]
InstallShield Win Installer [InstallShield]
InstallShield Universal [InstallShield]
Advanced Installer []
Setup Factory []
Wix Compiler [Windows Installer XML (WiX) Toolkit at SourceForge]
WiX Linker
Microsoft Deployment Project (edit VS.NET MSI Packages)
MSI Update Properties  
MSI Merge  
MSI Transform  
MSI Validation  
MSI Generic  
CD/DVD Burning Actions
Create ISO  
Burn ISO  
Check Ready  
Database Actions
ADO Execute SQL
ADO Execute Stored Procedure
ADO Dataset Iterator
MSSQL Execute SQL  
SQL Server Backup DB  
SQL Server Remove Unused Space  
SQL Server Check DB  
SQL Server Check Catalogue  
SQL Server Update DB Statistics  
SQL Server Rebuild Indexes  
SQL Best Practices Analyzer  
FTP Actions
FTP Connect
FTP Upload File
FTP Download File
FTP Change Directory
FTP Change Up Directory
FTP Get Remote Directory
FTP List Directory
FTP Get File Size
FTP Create Directory
FTP Delete Directory
FTP Delete File
FTP Rename File
FTP No-op
FTP Wait for File
FTP Check if Connected
FTP Disconnect
FTP Client (Deprecated)
SFTP Actions
SFTP Check If Connected  
SFTP Connect  
SFTP Copy Remote File  
SFTP Create Directory  
SFTP Disconnect  
SFTP Download File  
SFTP Download Files  
SFTP List Files  
SFTP Query Available Space  
SFTP Query Home Directory  
SFTP Remove Directory  
SFTP Remove File  
SFTP Remove Files  
SFTP Rename Files  
SFTP Upload File  
SFTP Upload Files