MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for WPF V4.5

Released: Nov 5, 2018

Updates in V4.5


  • Key improvements
    • The UnicodeKey class can send any Unicode symbol as input to target text controls.
    • The IsPressed property is set to true when a key is pressed down by the user, allowing for data triggers in XAML templates to change the appearance of pressed keys.
    • Values of Content property of RegularKey can now be sent to external processes.
  • Keyboard improvements
    • A new Windows10 color scheme has been added to MindFusion.UI.Wpf.ColorSchemes.
    • The SetKeyLabels method lets you override labels of keys for a given language.
  • Active window tracking
    • The control updates its layout immediately when a window with a different current language activates.
    • Pressing a key no longer activates last target window, which was necessary when a keyboard was used as a popup inside an application but led to activation flickering. Set the new PreventActivation property instead to disable the keyboard's popup window from activating altogether.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Move multiple selected keys in keyboard creator.
    • Various keyboard creator fixes.