MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for WPF Releases

Released: Jun 21, 2022

Updates in V5.0.3


  • Added Microsoft .NET 6 support - The Virtual Keyboard distribution now includes assemblies for .NET 6.
  • Miscellaneous
    • CurrentCase now reflects 'Shift + AltGr' combinations.
    • The control now tracks the state of the Caps-lock and Shift keys of a physical keyboard (if one is attached to the system).
    • Added the Stretch property which specifies how the control fills available space in its parent element.
    • Added ChangeLanguage overloaded methods which let you set current language either using...

Released: Nov 24, 2021

Updates in V5.0.2


  • Added Microsoft .NET 5 support - The Virtual Keyboard distribution now includes assemblies for .NET 5. Locally installed assemblies don't show automatically in toolbox at this time, you can add them to projects either manually or through Nuget package manager.
  • Added Dispose and DisposeShared methods.


  • UnicodeKey fix for sending key to popup window in same process.
  • Fixed unequal layout margins; now the keyboard should center correctly inside its layout area.

Released: Sep 24, 2020

Updates in V5.0.1


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 assemblies.
  • Enabled VirtualKeyboard.PasswordMode which stops highlighting pressed or hovered keys.
  • CurrentCase now reflects the state of Shift and Caps Lock pressed simultaneously.

Released: Aug 5, 2020

Updates in V5.0.0


  • General IME mode - The component now supports general IME mode that maps a raw input sequence to dictionary entries.
  • Chinese - The component can parse IME tables from the Linux Ibus project to implement various Chinese transliteration systems.
  • Japanese - If the current language is Japanese, the keyboard renders Hiragana characters. In addition, the LoadImeTable can parse tables from Google's Mozc project to convert Hiragana to Kanji.
  • Korean - The keyboard renders Hangul letters when the...

Released: Nov 5, 2018

Updates in V4.5


  • Key improvements
    • The UnicodeKey class can send any Unicode symbol as input to target text controls.
    • The IsPressed property is set to true when a key is pressed down by the user, allowing for data triggers in XAML templates to change the appearance of pressed keys.
    • Values of Content property of RegularKey can now be sent to external processes.
  • Keyboard improvements
    • A new Windows10 color scheme has been added to MindFusion.UI.Wpf.ColorSchemes.
    • The SetKeyLabels method lets you override...

Released: Apr 24, 2017

Updates in V4.4.2


  • UI culture handling - The control no longer updates CurrentCulture of UI thread automatically to match current input language. This could lead to subtle bugs in text parsing and formatting when culture-dependent delimiters and string formats change together with the input language.
  • Auto-repeat customization - The AutoRepeat property lets you disable or enable auto-repeat. The RepeatDelay and RepeatRate properties let you customize auto-repeat timing.

Released: Jan 22, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 4.3.6

  • Fixed: Fixed problem in standalone mode when keyboard get focus on itself after starting.
  • Added ability to change language in foreground window from other process.
  • Fixed visual lag with top most window: standalone keyboard hides behind other windows.