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Global Majic Instrumentation ActiveX Library

Provide visual gauges for technical applications.

Global Majic Instrumentation ActiveX Library

Instrumentation ActiveX Library is a suite of 11 common instrumentation interface controls including Angular Gauge, Knob, LED, Linear Gauge, Numeric LED, Odometer, Percent, Selector Knob, Slider, Strip Chart, and Toggle. Each component gives you full control over instrument properties including scales, captions, tics, etc.

  • Angular Gauge is extremely flexible, allowing multiple scales, needles, captions, tics
  • Knob ActiveX is a powerful user interface which makes customized knob creation fun and easy
  • LED ActiveX is the most powerful, versatile LED control on the market
  • Linear Gauge ActiveX is extremely flexible allowing multiple scales, knobs, captions and tics
  • Numeric LED ActiveX allows you to build your own digital clock with an easy-to-use alpha-numeric component
  • Odometer ActiveX offers a numeric display similar...

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX

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