Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack

Iocomp .Net WinForms Plot Pack provides power, flexibility and a user friendly editor to complete all your plotting requirements. You can zoom and scroll even while plotting data. Other features include: unlimited X&Y axes, unlimited annotations, unlimited limits, unlimited channels, unlimited labels, curve fitting, cartesian axes, visual layout manager, EMF, BMP, JPG, and TXT file export, stackable axes, multiple dataViews, scrolling scales, high/low, candlestick, bar, fill, symbol marker, graphic marker, trace line, interpolated trace and many more data representations available. You can mix and match on the same channel at the same time and custom property editors are included.

Plot Pack Components

iPlot is a real-time plotting component that supports data with a continuously incrementing x-value. For plotting data that does not have a continuously incrementing x-value, use the iXYPlot component. Both components support the following main features

  • Unlimited number of Channels
  • Channel Ring Buffers
  • Annotations (Text, Line, and Rectangle)
  • Unlimited number of X&Y Axes
  • Built in Toolbar and Legend
  • Linear and Logarithmic Scales
  • Reversible Scales
  • Value, Prefix, Exponent...

Latest News

Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack V5 SP2
Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack V5 SP2
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack 5 SP1
Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack 5 SP1
Upgraded PlotDataCursorChannel to support pointer movement using the Left and Right keyboard arrow keys.
Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack V5
Iocomp .NET WinForms Plot Pack V5
Improves plotting and data display, plus adds support for Visual Studio 2015.
Iocomp adds new Plot Channels
Iocomp adds new Plot Channels
New plot types include bullish/bearish, Min/Max, StdDev+/StdDev, mean and open/close style candlestick plots.
Iocomp patches .NET Plot Pack
Iocomp patches .NET Plot Pack

Prices from: $ 1,171.10

Developer License: One software license is required per Developer. You may use one copy of the software on a single computer. Run-time royalty free. Additional Developer License - Requires a Developer...

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