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Global Majic Linear Gauge

Add flexible sliding gauges and meters to your application.

About Linear Gauge

Add flexible sliding gauges and meters to your application.

Linear Gauge provides the features of a standard slider component and much more. Incorporate multiple scales, tics, handles, bitmaps, shapes, digital read-outs, etc. and configure it into virtually any kind of sliding gauge, meter, or mechanism. Useful for factory/instrument gauges, thermometer, range meter, slider, tank or vessel fill indicator, multimeter, and static or dynamic bar charts, to name just a few.

The LGauge utilizes double-buffering technology for extremely fast screen updates. Built-in property pages are organized by functionality, extremely easy to use, and very powerful. Property pages are even available at run time if desired and are dynamic - no annoying Apply button.

Although there are over 100 properties available for the most customized gauge appearance possible, configuration is as close as a single click away. The built-in configuration utility provides a full library of pre-configured gauge styles and application notes to choose from. The library is also editable to store and retrieve your favorite instrumentation setups.

Properties are available to provide programmers with full control of scales, needles, fonts, captions, annulars, and tics. It provides optional mouse input. It is even data aware for fast, efficient database connectivity. The Linear Gauge ActiveX component is an ideal tool for technical applications and for programmers who want to give their application a professional finish to it.

Possible uses include:

  • Factory Instruments/Gauges
  • Thermometer
  • Range Meter or Gauge
  • Slider
  • Tank or Vessel Fill Indicator
  • Pipe
  • Volt/Amp/Ohm Meter
  • Dynamic or Static Bar Chart
  • General purpose gauges