Help & Manual Floating Releases

Released: Feb 9, 2023

Updates in 9.0.3 Build 6380


  • eWriter Viewer 3.3: The udpated eViewer.exe version 3.3 is now included for creating eWriter e-books. Note that eWriter Viewer 3.3 is available as a stand-alone installer as well.
  • Insert Picture Toggles: Picture selection dialog now offers custom image formats as well.


  • French User Interface: Several bug fixes in the French UI translation.
  • DeepL Plugin: Bug fix for protected word lists.
  • Word/DOCX export: Second-level keywords from snippets were not correctly indexed.
  • Image Styles...

Released: Dec 16, 2022

Updates in 9.0.2 Build 6342


  • In addition to the English and German UI, Help+Manual now comes with a French (beta) user interface.
  • Topic Editor: Improved mouse hints for images formatted with an image style.


  • Word Export: Image styles have been added for DOCX/Word export. These were missing in 9.0.
  • PDF Export: If a topic anchor was placed on an empty line, this line became zero height in print.
  • HTML Help (.chm) Export: The new scripts in version 9 caused an error on older Windows versions prior Windows 7.
  • DeepL...

Released: Nov 29, 2022

Updates in 9.0.1 Build 6320


  • Added a new Tab Display option to PDF export which defines whether the PDF viewer displays the document file name or document title.
  • Added Version Control multi-level check for hidden folder in CUSTOM VERSION CONTROL.


  • Repositories: Binding a new help project to an existing repository raised an error.
  • Link dialog: When inserting a topic link, selecting an anchor from the drop-down list has caused an error in some cases.
  • HTML Export: Images with a flexible width had a “max-width...

Released: Nov 19, 2022

Updates in 9.0.0 Build 6303


  • Version Control with GIT Support
    • Added new scripted interface which is user-configurable. Help+Manual now uses an editable scripted interface supported by all modern version control systems. Ready-to-use scripts for Git and Subversion are already included. In addition to this, there is a script template called by Help+Manual that you can use to interface with any other system that supports command line access.
  • Image Styles
    • Added the ability to apply borders to images globally, or to...

Released: Aug 21, 2022

Updates in 8.5.0 Build 5980


  • eWriter Export Format - The eWriter Viewer 3.0 redistributable for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS has been released.
    • Help & Manual now includes the new eWriter Viewer 3.0 (32 bit) to create stand-alone EXE e-books.
    • The configuration page for eWriter export now has new export options: a product logo (shown on macOS and Windows) and menu options for macOS.
    • Please note that some export options for the eWriter format are deprecated with the updated viewer and have been moved to the...

Released: May 28, 2022

Updates in 8.4.4 Build 5960


  • Configuration - When changing the 'Translation-friendly XML' option, 'topic time stamps' and 'last edited' by are kept by default. This function is particularly important for the Help+Manual Translation Assistant.
  • Project Report - Extended, long and full project reports now include topic comments.
  • Equation Objects - Added vertical alignment for “top”, “middle” and “bottom”.
  • Word/RTF Import - Keywords that contain a “: ” (colon + a space) are separated into 2-level keywords.
  • SVG Images...

Released: Feb 5, 2022

Updates in 8.4.3 Build 5940


  • Improved the loading of SVG images with embedded Base64-encoded image data.
  • The color dialogs for table color and font/background color have been changed to a new dialog that supports an entry box for HTML-style color codes.


  • Copy topics/TOC entries: When topics copied from another project were tagged with build tags not present in the target project, H&M asked to extend the list of build tags. This extension went wrong and the custom build list got damaged.
  • eWriter Export...

Released: Dec 17, 2021

Updates in 8.4.2 Build 5920


  • This update includes a revised Microsoft Sandcastle import with better style support, larger default fonts and optional table styles.
  • Windows Meta Files (.WMF) on high-resolution monitors - WMF images have a face value of their regular size, which is actually coined for a 96 dpi system. On high-res systems, WMF files will appear larger than they originally appeared. Version 8.4.2. compensates for this difference.
  • Table of Contents - When copying items within the TOC, topics were always...

Released: Sep 29, 2021

Updates in 8.4.1 Build 5881


  • Added new IFDEFs for Templates:  <IF_ISDEFAULT_PAGE> and <IFNOT_ISDEFAULT_PAGE> are true if the current page that is being exported is the default topic or not.
  • Publishing dialog - Added a button to clear recently used skins from the drop-down gallery.


  • The XML parser has been reverted to the previous version (without support for 4-byte Unicode chars).
  • Equations as inline SVG: the <svg> tag did not include an xmlns= attribute, which is required in XHTML (but not in...

Released: Aug 9, 2021

Updates in 8.4.0 Build 5872


  • DeepL Translation Plugin
    • This update comes with a revised version of the DeepL Translation Plugin - DeepL has recently started to offer free API keys, that you can use to auto-translate a certain amount of text per month. The free API keys, however, require a different API address and Help+Manual 8.4 now works with both the paid and the free translation API.
    • Another modification concerns the translation glossary terms. This sorted list is now applied in reverse order. Before, multiple...