ImageKit9 ActiveX Releases

Released: Jun 10, 2014

Updates in v9.x

v9 Fix 17

Updated Dec 11, 2019


  • Fixed issues related to drag and drop in the Thumbnail Control.

v9 Fix 16

Updated Dec 19, 2018


  • Fixed a problem in the ImageKit control. The PrintDraw.GetDevModeInfo method would sometimes fail even though the PrintDraw.DevMode property value was enabled.

v9 Fix 15

Updated Sep 6, 2018


  • Fixed a problem that happened when multiple thumbnails were selected and then dragged. The thumbnail positions were sometimes incorrect.

v9 Fix 14

Updated Apr...

Released: Oct 23, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in 8

  • Contains both 32-bit and 64-bit DLL and OCX files.
  • Create 64-bit scanning applications.
  • Supports unicode filenames.
  • Load images from and save images to HTTP servers.
  • Load images from and save images to FTP servers.
  • Set Exif information.
  • New context menu added to image editing.
  • Many new scanning functions.