MetaDraw OCX Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for MetaDraw OCX, please contact our Bennet-Tec Information Systems licensing specialists.

Developer License: One software license is required per developer.
Subscription License: Includes 12 months updates.

DXF Filter Support Option
Bennet-Tec's optional DXF Import and Export license options add support for working with CAD industry standard DXF files. With this support applications and web pages created with MetaDraw can support reading, writing, creating, modifying of DXF images for display, annotation and optional conversion to other vector and raster image formats.

Vectorization Option
The BT Vectorization supports conversion of raster based images to Vector format where each solid colored area is represented by a polygon object. Support is also provided for Noise reduction and Color reduction.

Diagram Object Arrange Option
The Object Arrange library function intelligently rearranges objects within the overall image in such a way as to minimize overlapping links and to lay out a diagram in an "organized" fashion. Objects which are not linked may also be layed out in a rectangular grid fashion using this function.

Run-time royalty free.

License Agreements