About MetaDraw - VBX

Give your application support for the creation, editing, and displaying of Metafiles.

MetaDraw is a special purpose picturebox/image editing component. To your application, it looks like a standard picturebox, but it offers unique support for metafiles - a graphical format well suited to the drawing and/or moving of graphical objects - including the ability to tag individual graphic objects for HyperGraphic/HotSpot applications. Use as a metafile viewer with support for zoom and scroll.

MultiMedia, Image Editing/Annotation, HyperGraphics, Drag & Drop Interactive Interfaces. Graphics are nice but Object oriented graphics are great. HyperText is good, but HyperGraphics are out of this world. Pixel based editing is fun but ever try vector based drawings?


  • Use as a MetaFile viewer - supports Scroll and Zoom, even Selective display of individual elements Create, edit, display and save pictures built from a set of graphic objects
  • All Windows graphical primitives are supported
  • Supports merging of images from multiple sources
  • Editing - full support for Object Oriented Editing: Moving objects, Sizing, Change Colors and other attributes (for bitmapped oriented editing, see our VBX Artist control)
  • The entire image or any part can be exported as a MetaFile, bitmap or icon
  • Conversion Support - convert from WMF or DIB to WMF, DIB, BMP or ICO
  • Group or ungroup individual elements or manipulate groups as a single element
  • Full Programmatic Control as well as support for end user editing via the mouse
  • Visual Basic, Delphi and C++ compatibility
  • Print to any printer or device context
  • Hypergraphic Events - respond to Click and MouseMove over tagged objects. MetaDraw even saves your assigned string data for each hotspot stored within the image file


  • Image Display/ Editing
  • HyperGraphics/MultiMedia
  • CAD
  • Graphic Interfaces
  • Floorplans/ Layout / Design