MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms

MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms is a calendar and scheduling component for the .NET framework that supports yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule views as well as recurrent appointments. Each view provides a distinct layout of the time cells and can display events such as appointments and meetings. The timetable view displays a day's schedule where the columns represent dates, locations, tasks or contacts, and the rows represent hours or minute intervals. MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms is royalty free. Source Code is available.

MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms provides your applications with a rich set of calendar and scheduling features. With MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms you can present task and appointments information during different time periods (hours, days, weeks and months) as well as recurrent appointments or show all engagements at a specific day or several consequent days. MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms can display a schedule in several view types, such as:

  • A range of months, displaying several...

Latest News

MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms 5.7
MindFusion.Scheduling for WinForms 5.7
Calendar control now integrates with the RangeSelector component to implement a timeline.
MindFusion Planner .net improves Compatibility
MindFusion Planner .net improves Compatibility
New version adds support for Visual Studio 2013
MindFusion Planner .net improves Exporting
MindFusion Planner .net improves Exporting
New exporter enables calendars to be exported to PDF.
MindFusion Planner .net adds Excel exporting
MindFusion Planner .net adds Excel exporting
Version 5.2.1 also lets you filter out weekends in single month and month range views.
Planner .net adds holiday lists
Planner .net adds holiday lists
MindFusion Planner .net V5.1.1 supplies culture-specific lists of holidays and improved list view performance.
MindFusion Planner .net adds undo & redo
MindFusion Planner .net adds undo & redo
Version 5.1 adds support for undo and redo.

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Mark RobertsScientia, United Kingdom5 star
We are the market leader in Timetabling solutions. We needed a control for one of our projects to enable the displaying of many activities on the screen in a variety of ways. The control had to be... Read more

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