About MindFusion.Scheduling for Xamarin

Add calendars and scheduling to your Xamarin applications.

MindFusion.Scheduling for Xamarin includes native Xamarin components to help implementation scheduling in your Android, iOS or UWP app. Each appointment can have a single or multiple occurrences and it is also possible to create custom-typed items.

MindFusion.Scheduling for Xamarin Features

  • Scheduling - MindFusion Xamarin calendar lets you change between two types of timetable with a single gesture. If you want to check all appointments for a given month, the single month view is a perfect choice. The calendar also supports right-to-left mode.
  • Flexible - Xamarin Scheduler includes a rich set of .NET events both for the calendar and its items. Each appointment that you define can have a single or multiple occurrences. It is also possible to create custom-typed items. The advanced undo and redo functionality makes it easy to repeat or repair any action on the calendar. Finally, when your schedule is done, you can quickly save it into XML.
  • Smooth user interaction - Calendars built with the library are easy to edit and modify. The visible area scrolls smoothly and expands automatically when items are dragged. Navigation between various time periods is fast and doesn't affect performance.
  • Styling - Includes a set of predefined themes which can easily alter the appearance of the calendar. For more precise customization, there is a rich choice of pen and brush styles, customizable fonts and the ability to assign images to calendar elements. The calendar elements support custom painting, which lets you fully unleash your sense of design.
  • Universal Windows Support - Scheduling for Xamarin provides support for the Universal Windows platform. The package contains a new MindFusion.Scheduling.Universal.dll assembly and new version of the samples to guide you how to implement and customize fantastic schedules in your UWP apps.