PDF4NET 14.0.0

Released: Mar 1, 2024

Updates in 14.0.0


    • Support for PDF structure compression when saving PDF/UA files.
  • PDF4NET.Render
    • Multi-threaded PDF to image conversion.
    • Layer visibility in PDF to image conversion.
    • Improved performance in single-threaded PDF to image conversion.
    • Save rendering surfaces as images.
    • Exception in now thrown when document is converted to multipage TIFF and TIFF image is larger than 4GB.


    • Form data cannot be exported as XML if field names include spaces.
    • Document cannot be loaded.
    • Visual objects cannot be extracted from PDF page.
    • Extracted path visual objects have incorrect line width in some situations.
  • PDF4NET.Render
    • Image with softmask is not rendered correctly.
    • Text using non-embedded font is not rendered when TrueType font matched on local machine includes a CFF table.
    • Document cannot be converted to Zip/Lzw compressed TIFF if the TIFF image is larger than 2GB.
    • Invalid TIFF image is generated when document is converted to TIFF and the TIFF image is larger than 4GB.
    • Some paths are rendered very bold.