Rappid can be used to create advanced visual tools in days, not months. Whether you're looking to develop a workflow editor, modeling tool, a designer or a monitoring application, Rappid speeds up your development significantly by providing all the necessary user interface components. Rappid takes the best of HTML5 and SVG to give you the right tools for building your web products. It operates completely client-side and is therefore independent of your backend technology. Using Java, PHP, Python, Ruby or NodeJS? No problem, you can plug-in Rappid in no time.

Rappid includes

  • Halo - A configurable control panel above elements with important tools right at hand.
  • Stencil - Element palette with animated accordion-like grouping.
  • FreeTransform - Resize your elements to all the sides, even when rotated.
  • Channel - Bring real-time collaboration to your applications.
  • Clipboard - Copy, cut and paste with HTML 5 local storage support for copy-pasting across page refreshes.
  • Selection - Manipulate more elements in one go. Supports both bulk and individual element...

Latest News

Rappid v3.4.1
Rappid v3.4.1
Improves performance by preventing unnecessary route calculation for diagram connectors.
Rappid v3.4
Rappid v3.4
Adds new SQL database designer tool.
Rappid v3.3
Rappid v3.3
Adds the ability to import/export Visio VSDX files.
Rappid v3.2
Rappid v3.2
Improves integration with Vue, React and Angular.
Rappid v3.0
Rappid v3.0
Import Rappid using ECMAScript 6 (ES6) module syntax.
Rappid v2.4
Rappid v2.4
Adds new shapes for displaying and mapping structured data.

Prices from: $ 2,440.20

The Rappid license works on a per-developer basis. Each engineer developing against the Rappid plugins API needs a single license. The license then gives you the freedom to use Rappid to create an...

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