About ANTS Memory Profiler

Memory profiling for .NET developers.

ANTS Memory Profiler makes .NET memory profiling simple. Use ANTS Memory Profiler to locate memory leaks, optimize applications with high memory usage, and check the health of your code during the development cycle and before release. ANTS Memory Profiler can profile any .NET application including ASP.NET web applications. It is available as a standalone tool and as part of the Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle.

ANTS Memory Profiler - .NET memory profiling made simple.

ANTS Memory Profiler presents memory profile results in a clear way.

Automatic memory management in .NET makes development a lot easier; however, it's still easy to introduce memory leaks into your application. For example, in a complex application, it's easy to forget to unregister event handlers, and these are notorious for holding on to objects which you don't need to keep in memory any more. This typically leads to an increase in memory usage, which can lead to your application exhibiting poor performance, or even running out of memory and crashing, if it remains unchecked and unresolved. This is where a memory profiler becomes necessary.

Why is it easy to work with ANTS Memory Profiler?

  • It shows you where to start, by taking you through the most effective workflow
  • It displays profiling results in a clear, meaningful way, making it easier for you to interpret the information
  • It displays the relationship between objects using graphical representations, so you don't have to build a mental map of your applications' memory usage in your head
  • It offers powerful filtering options, so you can narrow your search down to the object you really need to know about. Filters will help in the analysis of even the most complicated applications

ANTS Memory Profiler Features:

  • Ability to take and analyse an arbitrarily large number of memory snapshots
  • Support for snapshots up to 2GB (32-bit operating systems), and 4GB (64-bit operating systems)
  • Arbitrary snapshot comparisons
  • Summary information for profiling session, individual snapshots, and snapshot comparisons
  • Large object heap fragmentation statistics
  • Powerful filtering options to narrow your search down to the objects you really need to know about. Standard object filters and advanced object filters available
  • Unique class reference view which allows you to quickly see where instances of a given class are being referenced
  • Object retention graph quickly allows you to see the shortest reference paths to all GC roots which will need to be broken to fix memory leaks
  • One-step Set-up dialog
  • Ability to profile .NET executables, ASP.NET applications and web services in IIS and web development server, services, COM+ applications, and XBAP applications
  • Integration with Visual Studio, so you can start profiling your application from within your IDE. One click launches ANTS Memory Profiler within seconds, with the executable path already set