ANTS Memory Profiler Releases

Released: Mar 16, 2020

Updates in v10.3.x


Updated Mar 16, 2020


  • "Frequent Updates" program was added.


  • MP-2604: Fixed issue with NullReferenceException appearing when opening the Instance categorizer tab when analyzing a memory dump.
  • APVS-110: Opening Microsoft Analysis Services projects in Visual Studio, with ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in installed, no longer causes issues.
  • APVS-111: Opening C++/cli projects in Visual Studio, with ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in installed, no longer causes issues.

Released: Jan 15, 2020

Updates in 10.2.5


  • Profiling ASP.NET Core web applications hosted on IIS is now supported.

Released: Nov 29, 2019

Updates in 10.2.4


  • MP-2595: NullReferenceException should no longer occur when stopping the "Attach to .NET 4+ process" session. Attach to process sessions history is available again on the home screen.
  • PP-3778: Windows NT 10.0-based systems and their editions are now correctly recognized (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019).
  • PP-3959: Profiling IIS applications is now supported on LTSC (LTSB) editions of Windows.

Released: Oct 1, 2019

Updates in 10.2.3


  • MP-2547, MP-2586: Memory dump analyser no longer crashes when inspecting an instance of the class containing private fields with the same name as its base class.
  • MP-2574: After opening a memory dump, a New Profiling Session button will correctly display previous session settings instead of Unknown project type.
  • MP-2594: Memory dump analyser will now show the appropriate message for memory dumps that are too large to open.

Released: Aug 1, 2019

Updates in 10.2.2


  • A missing dependency was added, whose absence prevented memory dump analyzer from working properly on machines without .NET Framework 4.7.0 or newer installed.

Released: Jul 10, 2019

Updates in 10.2.1


  • GC roots are now read by memory dump analyzer.


  • Fixed problems with accessing to instance categorizer for some types.

Released: May 16, 2019

Updates in 10.2


  • Introduces support for analyzing process memory dumps.
  • It's now possible to open and analyze memory dump files (*.dmp).

Known issues

  • Memory dumps of 64-bit applications can only be opened when running AMP in a 64-bit environment.
  • Memory dumps of 32-bit applications can only be opened when running AMP in a 32-bit environment.
  • Memory dumps of applications targeting .NET Framework 3.5 and older cannot be opened.
  • When analyzing a memory dump, Instance retention graph can show limited data...

Released: Sep 17, 2018

Updates in v10.1


  • Now fully supports .NET Core 2.1.
  • Now supports profiling .NET Core projects targeting multiple frameworks (using <TargetFrameworks> tag).

With this release, Redgate have officially removed support for Microsoft Silverlight due to its deprecation and lack of support in modern browsers.


  • Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException that was thrown under specific conditions while opening the Instance list for some managed objects that access unmanaged memory.

Released: Jun 26, 2018

Updates in v10.0.2


  • Major features:
    • .NET Core 2.0 support.
    • ANTS Profiler is now correctly displayed on High DPI screens.
  • .NET Core features:
    • Added ability to provide command line arguments when profiling .NET Core applications.
    • When the path to the .NET Core assembly is entered, the working directory path now updates.
    • Improved GUI around .NET Core application's URL field.
    • Added an ability to enter environment variables for profiled application.
    • Incoming HTTP requests support for .NET Core.
    • Allow profiling...

Released: Dec 18, 2017

Updates in 8.12


  • Made snapshot API configurable and more reliable.
  • Support opening chosen method with Visual Studio 2017.