ANTS Memory Profiler Features

Features of ANTS Memory Profiler

Feature list:

  • Profile any .NET language. It doesn't matter whether you're programming in C#, VB.NET, managed C++, or in COBOL.NET. If you're programming for the .NET Framework, then ANTS Profiler can help you
  • Profile ASP.NET web applications so you can identify slow code in your .NET websites and web services. ANTS Profiler will identify slow-loading pages and, more importantly, tell you why they are slow
  • Profile Windows Forms applications so you can optimize rich, client-side applications
  • Profile .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 applications - WCF (Indigo), WPF (Avalon), WF, XBAP
  • Profile web applications on IIS 5, IIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS 7, and ASP.NET Development Web Server (Cassini)
  • Support for 64-bit profiling on x64 processors
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, so you can start profiling your application from within your IDE. One click launches ANTS Profiler within seconds, with the executable path already set. Context sensitivity lets you set up what method, class or namespace you want to profile, without having to remember its name
  • Timeline for zeroing in on problem code; select a region of activity and view the data just for that region
  • Call tree which auto-expands the worst performing stack traces
  • Call graph for visualizing all the callers and callees for a particular method

Additional features available in ANTS Profiler Pro

  • Method-level profiling (faster mode) which introduces less overhead than when the profiler also records line-level timings
  • Profile memory to understand how your application uses memory, and to locate memory leaks. The memory profiler allows you to take snapshots at any point in the execution of your program, so you can see what memory is in use at that point. You can take multiple snapshots at different times while your application is running, so you can compare application memory states